Blogging 101 – Day 1 Assignment

Day 1 Blogging 101 Class Assignment: “Introduce Self” in a Post

Ok, not to be redundant, which keeps with my blog’s theme “only Simple floats,” but…most of today’s Blogging  101 assignment is covered in the ABOUT tab.

So instead, let me give you more of an idea of some of the topics MML will be covering this coming New Year. I am all about using this blog as my inspiration to start and finish my own projects, and since this house (cottage-in-the-making, ha) has lots of bad points DIY opportunities,  I will be checking-off those projects from my DIY To-Do List. Also, I seem to run an organized and uncluttered home effortlessly. So I will be sharing my tips & secrets to “appearing” as tho everything is sailing smoothly, while paddles are moving fast below the surface. You know the quote…ducks paddling like crazy? Captain and I have developed some easy tricks to make any entertaining appear effortless. Bet you can see a Plan & Do Ahead post in that one, huh? Okay, that covers decor DIY, Entertaining and Organization, so lets just say that I also have a passion for typography and photo editing that is certain to be shared at MML. Inspiration photos lift the spirit. I love finding sweet words that hit me on a particular day, so I will share a button to my favorite photo texture class, , and buttons to classes or events I participate in. I am starting a new class from Kim called Be Still 52, a year class of still life photography, so I will be sharing that adventure. It will be a whole new concentration for me. (note:You now can access Kim’s site by clicking on the BeStill 52 oval button on the right side of this page!)  Enjoy my classmates’ photo entries, believe me there are amazing people from all over the world, so pop in to experience that. (also recently added: Blogging 101 button on righthand side of this page. If you are curious about starting your own blog this is the place to get training while doing.

That’s a wrap on Day 1 Post. I am actually 6 days into Blogging 101 so guess that tells you something more about me. No, not that I am a procrastinator! Actually, I have had to redo everything (setups & posts) several times as my theme evolved. As we say around the cottage, “new brain cells…” that is a good thing. Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside, hope you hang around, and Follow me (once I figure out that Widget) , whew, got that on here too, see it?