201 Assignment 1 – Why I Blog & Goals of Class

Lately my friends ask…

“Why are you Blogging, Kathy?”

cropped-blogging-201But first before answering that, let me tell you about the class I am NOW taking. You know I took Word Press Blogging 101 class for a 4-week instruction on how to set up my blog, and personalize it and improved writing skills. Truth is, as a more artsy and not cerebral person, I got more into the enhanced look than the writing prompt assignments. Maybe you can see that (sigh.)

So now in WP Blogging 201 class my First Assignment is to write a post on the purpose (Why) of MML & Goals of the class. Ugh, I have to do it. I need to commit to my class.

 3 Reasons Why I blog:

1. Creative outlet: the Blogging process brings together so many of the skills I have learned and is daily teaching me new things I never knew I would be interested in .

2. Motivation: Blog committment motivates me to start &  finish projects.

3. Community of Bloggers: Quite a talented bunch of people globally, who share my interests and whose different ideas and interests challenge my way of thinking, both creatively and personally.

5 Goals I set for 201 Class, Branding & Growth of your Blog

1. Learn to better use Social Media to grow my following and connect with that community. ( I seriously need to get a smart phone for this one. Not wanting a bigger monthly bill, though.)

2. Grow MML following  by 10%.

3. Affiliate successfully with 3 companies.

4. Schedule 3 months of Postings on a calendar & produce and Hold\Schedule 1 full month of Postings

5. Create 2 Feature Posts

Learning to Blog has, thus far, been a really fun brain-cell building experience. I have done a few projects that I would have otherwise put off until next year or never. I am excited to do the new projects I have on my Posting Calendar. I doubt I would  bother to do them otherwise. It is great to be retired and have the time to do some creative projects, instead of vegging out on weekends in front of the tv or computer watching others enjoy DOING it. So my question to you…

Are you at a point in life where YOU can LEARN & CREATE, instead of sitting on the sidelines?


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