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I shopped my house for this Valentine project.  I came across these Vintage Valentine cards that my SIL gave me years ago from an antique shop. I had used them once before (again, years ago) and at that time had backed them up with some colorful scrapbooking paper so they easily stood on bamboo skewers. I barely remember this, but I had stuck them into a tablescape centerpiece. Then as stuff seems to do around here, they were tucked away in a box and apparently made their way to my Monica’s Closet.

Friends episode


Monica’s Closet is a joke around this house, do you recall the Friends episode where Chandler opens Monica’s locked junk closet?

You know That Closet, we all have one, where junk is hidden away… stacked, ready to avalanche…all while the rest of the house looks SO neat and orderly.

Well, there you go, my secret is out.

Anyway…I was cleaning out that closet recently and found these vintage valentines (again) along with a bunch of carefully wrapped old floral frogs.  So this is what I did: Painted the frogs pastel, using latex craft paint. Disclaimer: No REAL frogs were harmed or disfigured in this DIY. The original thought was to stand all the valentines on frogs and display them on the fireplace mantle. That did not look good (did I say, hot mess?) so out came the shadow box, instead, to frame them.


The shadow box, too, was in that closet, just waiting to be used.  After pinning the valentines inside the shadow box, I thought it looked good but lacked something. So I added some paper doilies (thank you Dollar Tree.) Oh my goodness! I can’t believe the difference paper doilies made. Since the valentines were yellowed with age, I tea-stained the white doilies to match. Perfect! The doilies give that needed Texture and Layer boost.

No need to run out and look for Vintage valentines for this DIY, new ones from the grocery store would be just as cute.

dome--valentines-4w copy copy

I had extra valentines so I put them under a glass dome that I switch out for the seasons, finding a way to use the painted frogs also– (if some readers were wondering, “What?? Painted Frogs??”  That’s them)

Last minute note… check out THIS great site, a fellow Word Press blogger, for some printable vintage valentines

I hope this inspires you to shop your closet and come up with a Sweet & Simple decoration to add a little heart to your home in February.




2 thoughts on “Vintage Valentines DIY

  1. Love this post…your how-to’s and also the “did not love it” statements, the reality of a DIY. What did you use under the dome on top of the plate? But where the he_ _ are my vintage post cards…here we go again. Verna knows.

  2. Colleen, if I understand you correctly, the black platform is a metal cake stand I bought at Home Goods for about $12. I use it for all kinds of things other than small cakes. I will eventually bake a cake I suppose, ha.

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