No. 1 Valentine Bistro Breakfast

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Our favorite breakfast-out is at a local French bistro. The French owner is a french-taught Master Pastry Chef. The food is ALL so incredible and so simple. We always end up splitting our favorite on the menu, the #1 Omelette.

So, for this post,

What better than to make this at home for my ‘No. 1 ‘ Valentine ?

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This omelette is served warm INSIDE a flakey homemade croissant (I know!) with thinly sliced ham, crispy bacon and creamy havarti cheese. It is served with a simple side of green salad drizzled with fresh herb vinegarette dressing. So fresh and oh so french …salad at breakfast.

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A beautiful breakfast to enjoy with your special someone…conversation &  a beautiful cup of coffee. Add champagne…o’la la. I add a tiny bit of mango/citrus or berry frozen concentrated juice to the champagne for a mimosa. After all, who in Paris gets up and rushes out in the morning?

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I used 3 eggs (in photo) which is enough for one croissant, even if split in half. I also used Canadian bacon, 2 slices, and about 4+ bacon slices. The croissant was spread lightly with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. I sprinkled cracked pepper, sea salt and fresh parsley onto the cooked omelette. We figure, split the croissant in half and have an extra mimosa or two, that is just the way we think here at MML.

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The weather here has been perfect so we take the opportunity to eat alfresco any chance we can.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. Kathy, what a lovely surprise to open my IPad at 9:30 PM and find your blog, enticing, now just have to find that ” someone special” in 36 hours. Not impossible, I suppose. Quite the special Valentine’s breakfast, lakeside, of course!

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