St Paddy Freebie Printable

Erin go Bragh!

I know it isn’t March yet, but somehow (I am dancing a jig) I got my March posts all figured-out and even two March DIY’s half-finished. Luck of the Irish! So let’s celebrate with a St Paddy’s Chalkboard Printable.

I know most of the U.S. has been buried in snow and frigid cold, while here I was (last week) posting my Spring Porch photos. Well, if it makes you feel better, we since have had 2 days of rain and cooler weather and all our pear blossoms are on the ground so I have moved my attention indoors again, for now.

Here is a photo of our pear snow…pear snow 250

I am excited to share with you that we are going on a trip to Germany and Eastern Europe. I am learning to use computer tools, now available in our internet world, to help plan the trip and to help me continue to blog & stay in touch while traveling. So different from 5 years ago when Captain and I traveled across the pond. Did you notice I added Travel to the MML menu bar, bet you saw that, right? Anyway, I plan to share our adventure on MML. It will be fun for you to tag along with Captain & me and our travel buddies (more about them later…have to get permission). It will be a real different trip for us in that we are doing a self-tour via rail. Lots of walking and eating  & did someone say…beer gardens? We will explore Germany and a few other countries. I also hope to share (tuts!) some of the computer travel tools I am using, like Google mapping My Places, photo tips and share some new (to me) travel clothing and what works and what doesn’t.    Enough of that for now…

Here is your Freebie! Not that the Irish need to be reminded to EAT & Drink or…be Irish…

Click HERE  to download your printable PDF.

MML St Paddy chalkbd jpeg

I printed mine and put it on the same clipboard I used for my Valentine chalkboard printable. Guess that means I will be sprinkling a little green and gold around the coffee bar area, too, this week.

Thanks for stopping by

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