One Centerpiece 3 Ways

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It is raining this week, so I have turned my decorating attention to the indoors. I am switching out my winter decor to a Spring look. That means bringing out some rugs, throw pillows and towels that have been stored away during the winter holiday seasons. Little changes that bring in the fresh colors of Spring. One quick decor trick I use, is to switch-out parts of a centerpiece that I use throughout the house all year. It is a quick, simple and affordable DIY.

Basic centerpiece supplies:

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The basic centerpiece is made up of a round clear glass vase (8″ tall in this photo) with a smaller cylinder clear vase (7.75″ tall in this photo) placed inside of it. The inner cylinder vase can hold either a faux candle or a grouping of seasonal greenery or flowers. The inner vase needs to be a bit shorter than the outside main vase and narrower around so there is approx. 1\2″ space between the 2 vases.  In that empty space between the two vases stand, in a single row, twigs of varying heights. The idea here is to put enough twigs going around so the inner vase is not visible. I gathered my twigs on walks around the neighborhood in early autumn, after the first heavy winds, and cut them down to size as needed. These same twigs are used in each seasonal centerpiece shown.  What is being switched out is only the seasonal stems that go inside the skinny inner vase. I only recently started using a frog to steady the floral stems inside the inner vase. A small piece of styrofoam would work well, too.


Here is what I started with this week…my Winter version, using the basic vases and twig setup, it just has bare branches that are bundled tightly with jute, pushed tightly into the inner vase.

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2 fall close

After removing everything from the vases I washed the glass vases and added a frog to the inner vase. I added the twigs again to the space between the vases.  Now we’re back to the basic centerpiece…time for a season change.


I pushed silk (faux) pussy willows into the frog. I used only 2 stems (Walmart, $3. ea) of Pussy willows that I cut down to 3 varying height stems.  A burlap ribbon adds texture and the terracotta drip dish with river rocks (from a Dollar store) gives visual balance to the bottom. For lift you could make a pedestal by inverting a small terracotta pot and place on top (photo below.) Terracotta plant pots are cheap and can be painted with latex craft paint.

4 spring500

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Switch out the pussy willows with brightly colored real or silk floral stems. The photo shows 2 stems of yellow (silk) dancing lady orchids.

See, that it such an easy change-up that takes you into a new season and you can move the arrangement from room-to-room. I am already thinking of spray painting some branches white and doing a snowy version for next Christmas. I have a little storage box that I keep all these ingredients for this one centerpiece DIY project. It is likely I will do that idea and tuck it away so expect see the results in a post during the holidays.

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What easy switch-out do you do to bring Spring into your home?




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