Pot O’ Gold DIY

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Let’s plant a big POT O’ MariGOLD flowers to bring the colors of Spring to the front porch! For my Pot O’ MariGolds, I am trashing this old planter and upcycling a terracotta pot that we had recently removed a dwarf orange tree from.

MMLold damage pot350

You can see in the photo above how bad the old planter looked. The terracotta was disintegrating and the drain dish was broken (cheap plastic, what was I thinking?!) Not to mention the bug-eatten plants… : (
MML1st coat paint

The “new” pot just needed some cleaning up and paint to hide all the wear and tear from its earlier life. After brushing it off I spray painted it with dark brown satin paint that was left over from another project. Once the planter was given two light spray coats of brown, I thought it looked a bit solid and cheap. Do you know that plastic look? So I took out the sandpaper (rough) and went over the entire pot in circles to dull the finish, which brought out the pretty carved designs. It looks nice…or for the price looks sensational! I try not to over-think how good an outdoor DIY project could look, because in my world, getting it done is my bigger goal.


MML b4 old plants copy

I removed the bug-eaten plants from last year and replaced the old soil with new. I replanted the old plants with the marigolds after giving them a shot of Sevans Bug spray. They will be healthy and look pretty in a month.

MML pot o gold

MMLafter full view

I was reluctant about how a dark brown pot would look with the black door and the black painted bench…but I love the way it blends with the greens and browns of the trees and bushes. Often the accidental things work out to be a surprise. I also love how the warm brown paint looks with the sunny orange and yellow marigolds.

Now, are YOU inspired to plant a Pot o’ Gold?

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  1. We’d better come back to your house, looks so good, love the inviting entry. Love the post!

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