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Nothing is more satisfying to me than to curl up on my chair in the morning and slowly sip an icy smoothie. I love all flavors of smoothies but my favorite, I would have to say, is a Creamy Green Smoothie. My refrigerator is never short on green veges so it is a great way to enjoy all their goodness before they get old. Don’t you hate tossing out soggy vegetables?

Lately, there has been confusing information floating around the internet about how “devastating” Green Smoothies are to one’s health.  It’s all about the oxalates and isothiocyanates. HERE  &  HERE  are 2 good articles that break the issues down and give, I think, sound nutritional information. I like variety in foods, so I tend to not have smoothies every day anyway, and when I do I vary my ingredients according to what I have on hand. Often times it will be a berry smoothie. I always take the opportunity, when making a smoothie, to add extra natural ingredients that have big health benefits. Like chia seeds (fiber & protein), psyllium (fiber), flax (omega 3), cinnamon (blood pressure), ginger (digestive), turmeric & black pepper (anti-inflammatory/pepper helps absorption.)

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Drum roll…my Creamy Green Smoothie…not a recipe as much as a concoction. When making a salad or soup I set some of the cut vegetables aside for a quick smoothie the next morning.  The taste is always a pleasant surprise.

veges  Ingredients: Creamy Green Smoothie

Makes: 2 large servings (and I drink it all!)

8 oz of liquid, Milk.. either cow/soy/cashew/almond/coconut  – (remember when milk only came from animals, ha)

Greek Yogurt (Plain, Non-fat) a couple of big scoops

1/3 fresh Avocado

squeeze of citrus fruit

Green veges: celery (tiny bit), broccoli, cucumber, and a little mint

Add 2 BIG handfuls of leafy dark greens (this is what you change from day to day) Spinach, Romaine, Kale, Chard or Collards) my personal taste to use spinach.

Fruit – ok, here is where I have to hold myself back,  Kiwi 1/2 ,  small banana 1/2 (less sugar content if a little green) and chunks of pineapple or frozen mango, 1/3 of apple or pear. I keep a variety of fruits in ziplock bags frozen for quick use. Sometimes I add a bit of o.j., if I have it too.

1 Tbsp each: Chia Seeds, Flax (ground), psyllium, 1/4 tsp: cinnamon, ginger, 1/8 tsp: turmeric, and a dash of ground fine black pepper and cayenne. I like to add Vanilla Whey Protein, too. It is the proteins you include that fill you up and keep you going til lunch.

Add Ice for desired thickness and Blend. (Did you know, drinking iced beverages fires up your metabolism?)

That’s it! A Simple & Healthy breakfast that only takes 5-10 minutes to whip together and will hold you over until lunch.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

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  1. I love my daily detox smoothies! Used to make my own but then found a place that makes them better than I do! The one I like is made with the same greens, pear, chia, coconut water and lemon juice. Love ginger in there, too. The drink is called “Victoria’s Secret:” Haha Love it with some homemade kale chips roasted right out of the oven!

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