DIY: Silver Spoon Plant Marker


I have wanted to make a Stamped Spoon Plant Marker for about two years now. I know, “What’s the hurry, huh?” I even had all the supplies on hand for about two years, tucked away in my closet (ugh, that closet.) I tried (2 yrs ago) to stamp letters onto a spoon after watching a bunch of How To videos on YouTube, but it did not flatten or imprint easily. I was using aluminum spoons that I thought would be a cheap way to try this DIY. They were flimsy so I thought they would stamp easily and flatten easily, too. Wrong! Another Spring is here so I dragged out the supplies to try it again, THIS time using Silver utensils (thanks Sis, you always know a solution) Wow, it is so SIMPLE and looks GREAT! Amazing how soft real silver & silver-plated metals are compared to aluminum & stainless.

image    MML 2 spoons 250


–  Silver or silver-plated utensils. Spoons easy to flatten for imprinting.
–  Stamping Set to imprint word. I got mine at Harbor Freight and have seen sets at craft stores and  on  in cursive font.
–  Hammer    –  Sharpie Marker, fine pint black.    –  Soft Rag, like a t-shirt scrap.
–  Hard surface to bang against. I used an old iron shop table. Cement flooring may chip or crack, so you need to test your surface.  *  Block of scrap wood, optional, I did not end up using it. it could be used to soften the blows against the spoon.
– Clamp or a friend to help hold spoon in place when hitting with hammer. I used a rubber non-skid (waffle) shelf liner to hold it still when working by myself, holding both stamp & spoon pressing down hard with one hand .

How to

MML grow 9 grid 550

Wrap the flattened spoon head with a rag to protect metal from scratches. Starting with back side of spoon hit with hammer firmly, repeating front side to backside until spoon is flattened. The handle will arch and that can be fixed by gently tapping with hammer. Select the letter stamps that spell your word. I start with that center letter and work outward on both sides to center the word on spoon. When you hit with a hammer,  it will only take 1-2 firm strikes. You (or friend) will have to hold the spoon and the stamp steady with one hand otherwise the spoon jumps around and the letter is messy. After the word is stamped wash & dry spoon (or use alcohol) to remove any oils or dirt. Draw over the letters with a black permanent Sharpie pen. Let dry a few seconds and wipe off with the same rag used earlier. I found a little spit helped : ) If letters are not dark enough, repeat the inking. That’s it. This project is pretty addictive.

Silver spoon plant markers make a sweet Spring gift. My Grow burlap sack has 3 Seed Bombs inside as an extra surprise for dinner guests. Seed Bomb DIY posting.

I potted some catnip for the friendly neighborhood kitty who shows up every day to lounge in a sunny corner near our front door. The spoons that say PURR and CAT NIP are made of aluminum or stainless steel, you can see the hammer marks and indented letters from having to hit it so hard. I sprayed those spoons with silver paint to hide the hammer marks. I prefer the real silver spoon’s patina compared to the flat dull paint on the cheap spoons.


MML 500 spoon on plate
new Kathy sig w wc & big mug 159x50image

Have you ever had to revisit a DIY to get it to work?