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Today as a followup to my post,   7 Travel Essentials in a Digital World,   I want to share my  8 Must Travel Accessories that I am packing for our upcoming Europe trip. This trip will be a new style of travel for us, we are using rail as our main transportation. We are not accustomed to train travel here in central California so that will be a learning curve and throw in a foreign language to add to the mix…I see ADVENTURE. I plan to pack as lightly as possible so each item was carefully considered for its multi-use, and how much space and weight it adds to my small suitcase. As I said, this is MY  Must List of Travel items.

1.   Compression Stockings:    this accessory is so-so senior citizen. Compression Stockings remind me of another American senior tourist stereotype who carries disinfectant wipes and antibacterial gel. Not sure if I will pack that, although airplanes are pretty gross. (oh, I think I will.) Compression stockings are for DVT prevention so I will be wearing them on the long flight, across the pond. Getting the right fit is really important so the stocking doesn’t fall down but also not constrict. HERE are the ones that work for me.

2.  Eye & Lip Soother:   This is from my travel (bad) experiences. On a trip to Italy  I had really red eyes (lack of sleep, not too much vino) and had to communicate by doing charades for the pharmacist in order to buy a teenie-tiny bottle of Visine for $12.00. I will, this trip, make room for my $2.00 BIG bottle of Visine.  Also, I found, lip balm to be soothing after the drying air of a long flight. I am taking Eos Lip Balm because the flavors are all so good. Although, in the photos,  I don’t show sleep aids, noise cancelling earphones and a travel pillow, those are items that are on my list too.

3.   A simple Black Skirt:   Ankle length skirts feel age appropriate  for me and can look both dressy or casual. I love how I can just add nice shoes, a wide belt, a pretty scarf or costume jewelry to give my long skirt a whole new look. Mine can be rolled up for packing and then to wear I will mist and dripdry or use the hotel hairdryer –  wrinkles just fall out. Captain always remembers to pack a mister in his bag.  Merona maxi black skirt from Target is a great buy ($20.) and will be in my bag.

4.   Simple Hanes t-shirts:   I am taking long & short sleeve t-shirts and no other tops. My favorite has long been Hanes V-neck. I heard of them when it was the big thing actresses were talking about as their favorite white t-shirt to wear with jeans. Cheap & nice fabric thickness. I can wear them with pants and with my black skirt (dressed up with wide belt & scarf) I have traveled with Hanes before and just roll them to pack and mist them, like the skirt, to quickly remove wrinkles.

5.   Comfortable Walking Shoes:   KEEN, Presidio walking shoe is my favorite brand & style for travel. I have several styles of Keen shoes, but will only take this Presidio pair because it is so good for walking especially on cobble stone. What I love about Keen shoes is the insoles with great arch support and the wide toe box.  They last for years.

6.   Comfortable Pants:   Jeggings are my pants choice this time for on the plane. I only recently put on my first pair of jeggings and, honestly, they are so comfortable. Especially for the long flight, I look forward to NOT having my pants constrict at my legs and waist. I am taking 3 pairs of pants, that’s it. I always overpack on pants and end up wearing the same one pair of jeans every day.  Denim blue Jeggings look like blue Jeans but are far more comfortable and are totally light weight and non wrinkle. I prefer jeggings with a relaxed fit in the knee and ankle areas, fitting more like skinny jeans than leggings. It is a personal preference based on body issues size. Oh my gosh, did you see… some brands are even sold at grocery stores and drug stores? Leggs and WildFlower are 2 brands I have bought. Grocery list…milk, eggs, and… jeggings…my kind of clothes shopping. All that said, I am not just taking jeggings to wear. Although jeggings are super comfortable they can be too casual and sometimes not the most flattering fit. So I am taking 2 other pairs of regular pants, one black the other acid washed regular jeans. Take a peek at the video below. Every girl needs a truthful friend like Adam…

7.  Compact Rolling Luggage:   If you are planning to travel overseas you most likely have seen traveler reviews of Rolling Luggage vs Backpack style Luggage. It all boils down to the mode of transportation, both getting there and once there. If flying and then having to carry/roll your own luggage in many train stations or multiple airports than the size, weight and carry-ability is HUGE. I changed my mind about my ability to carry a backpack style case once I practice-packed Captain’s. I found it weighed too much for me to carry easily and realized I would be rolling it mostly because of that. So I opted for a small rolling suitcase HERE that, when fully packed, I can still easily carry if I have to. When packed mine weighed in at 18 lbs, which will be ok for lifting up or carrying up a couple of flights of stairs, but barely!

8.   Scottevest Travel Vest:   “It all about the Pockets”  (quality & style, too.) I know, I put this vest on my post, 7 Top Travel Essentials in a Digital World, but since it replaces my purse it makes an appearance here again. It still is my favorite…it will serve as my “packhorse.” To see the Scottevest collection, just click on the Scottevest ad on the right hand column of this blog. ***use code: WOWMOM for a 30% discount for a Mother’s Day promotion thru May 7, 11am MST. a great deal!

 I hope my travel posts inspire you to think about what really matters to you when you travel, so you are comfortable and are freed up to experience and learn about the culture you are visiting.

What items are on your Must List to pack for travel?

The Captain & I are on our flight across the pond today. I invite you to join me as I begin something new…travel blogging. I am not sure about my ability to get wifi for posting, but I am going in with the utmost confidence in Starbucks/Germany to give me a helping hand. We have a pretty aggressive itinerary for our age so it is sure be interesting with maybe some fun stories popping up along the way.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside (mich am See treffen.)

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