Economy Class…not easy


Here we are off on our adventure…like they say, “Nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easily.”  That certainly is true when it comes to getting to your destination via a LONG flight. As I look around the cabin it is pretty funny. All these passengers settling in and realizing, after only 2 hours into our 10 hour flight, this is not going to be fun. My legs are totally crimped into the tiniest of a space behind a (permanently?) reclined chair. I’m sure I will look weird when I do finally get up to stretch, because I have a plan…it involves moving my arms in a way that when mixed with my hip & leg plan, well, let’s just say, Chicken Dance. Oooo, I can’t wait for the snack cart to move back to its docking station!

Ok, back to my blog, I took a 2 hour break – did you miss me? I didn’t know the snack cart and in-flight movie would be such a highlight in all the boredom. Many of the passengers slept through it all. I don’t know how they can sleep so easily while strapped in a chair with their head twisted to the side.


Just kidding…cute and cozy…BUT here is Economy Reality…



It got me wondering about how much better First Class must be. I have to imagine because I cannot see behind the curtain. It must be fabulous if they have to hide it from us.

Kitten-paws-stretch I admit I am a little more than envious. When boarding the plane, I passed by those spacious Lazy Boy recliners within what I refer to as “Comfort Pods,” I knew immediately THAT is where I would rather be. Sipping a glass of champagne as the stewardess moves my foot rest up so my legs could stretch out…not in the hideous way they are in Economy Class.

Look at this timeline of Airline Class Warfare. Looks like Economy Class comfort peaked in 1978, when Pres. Jimmy Carter signed the Airline Deregulation Act. So he was the one responsible for the packs of peanuts instead of the piano bar. I do remember the first time I flew to Hawaii in the 70’s being disappointed that my airplane did not have a Piano Lounge. I really thought all planes had one. Haaaa! I was 19 years old.


Most of the passengers are asleep now, it is 6 hours into the flight. I’m just sitting here thinking, Everyone needs more leg room – EVERYONE…

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