Did You Say, “Schnapps?”


We had a great introduction to Germany during the first leg of our trip! The four of us were invited into the lovely home of a German family in quaint Dieburg, Germany, near Frankfurt. Over four days they showed us around Dieburg, the town they grew up in and where their children have chosen to stay and raise their families and nearby small towns and the big city of Frankfurt. It is pretty incredible to get such a peek into German life behind those charming windows and doors we tourists usually never get to see past. Our hosts treated us to the most delicious real German cuisine…a brat bbq with authentic appetizer and German potato salad. German Riesling, Beer and Schnapps. Germans know their beer and schnapps! We had a schnapps tasting, which is a great way to enjoy the company of new friends…language barriers soon disappear behind the laughter of fun stories and accordion playing attempts. Below left: Michael’s bbq brats and right: Kristine’s bbq cheese wrapped in eggplant, Oh my!

image  image

Sunday we experienced the traditional German breakfast, where breads are freshly baked by the neighboring bakery, eggs are delivered from the farmer who also provided the sausage for the previous night’s bbq. All ingredients so fresh and tasty, thanks again Michael & Kristine!

Dieberg town square from hotel window.

Dieburg town square from hotel window.


Frankfurt, Labor Day


Such a contrast of old & new in Germany!

Frankfurt centuries ago

Frankfurt centuries ago

Frankfurt after bombing 1946

Frankfurt after bombing 1946

Modern city view of Frankfurt

Modern city view of Frankfurt

image  MG trying on armor

As we leave Dieburg, headed for Heidelberg, it is with fond memories and eagerness to explore more of Germany… A country that is warm and welcoming.

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.
                                                         –  Gandhi

*sorry for the premature posting earlier, my connections was so sketchy it posted mid-typing…Ugh!!!  I have tons of photos I would love to share of this fascinating beginning to our journey but you will have to stay tuned for a better connection.