Today is Another Day…


Wow, summer is here, in central California…104F and then a power outage! That was yesterday, power did come back after 1 1/2 hours so all went well, till we realized the TV cable was down too. Today is another day…only cooler & with cable so far. Actually, today started off on a random sweet note when Captain noticed what the Starbucks’ barista had printed on my venti tea. Really funny. “Xxxx’s Wife”  He always orders my drink and has it waiting…while I am still trying to get out of the house in the morning just takes girls more time. I’m spoiled.

Anywhoo, the purpose of this post is…uh, nothing. I am just laying low in the heat inside and thought it would be fun to share that photo of my venti tea after I changed his name to his blog handle, “Captain’s Wife.” I have been dying to share what I have been learning about my iPhone 6  camera, Wow! It is so awesome. So much more than just a handy camera that will ring during a perfect shot, sigh. Remember I traded my tiny old flip phone to get an iPhone for its camera feature to use on our trip.

Saturday I attended the BEST live online conference about iphonography-  all day, 8 hours, 8 guest incredible speakers! I hardly noticed my dead legs and sore butt. I was lucky that my time zone was morning to early evening hours. Many participants were logging in late night and going thru the wee hours. I find that photo hobbiest are willing to do that globally. Here is a link to my guru’s, Emil, website if you want to see what the buzz is on iphonography, he is a great teacher and has free videos that will improve your photos immediately. So young, 23 yrs old, and such a good teacher. I know…why do I know his age? Ha, when he was introducing, at 2am Emil’s time, the last speaker, (Emil) mentioned that the speaker was “old”, in fact, so OLD he was doing professional photography before Emil was even born. Of course, we were all expecting some guy in his mid-80’s or so…well, the guy appears on screen and he is, maybe, mid-50’s. Chat box exploded when I made a crack comment. Seems there were lots of older than 50’s folks logged in.

My 5 Best  iphonography/smartphone take-always from Emil’s classes and that live conference:

1.  Almost Never use ZOOM on smartphone’s camera feature. Basically, that pre-crops so you lose pixels. Better to crop in post editing.

2.  Shoot photos of Landscapes in horizontal not vertical so you have more flexibility in cropping.

3.  Shoot photos of Landscapes with HDR mode ON. But..Turn off when movement or people are in photo. Wish I knew that while in Germany!

4.  Always set focus and exposure yourself, don’t leave it to the camera to set. This is the MOST basic feature you should know how to do on your iPhone, watch Emil’s free videos if you are clueless.

5.  I am keeping list at five, so this is a good last one…for post editing…the Edit App ALL of the experts mentioned is Snap Seed. It is free and it’s latest version update is powerful. This is what I mostly use to edit photos for my MML blog.

Next week I am back to my Germany & Eastern Europe posts, and a bonus DIY post – thanks for letting me detour a couple of weeks.

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