DIY Patio Makeover REVEAL!

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Today is Part 3, The Reveal, of my Simple & Affordable Summer Patio Makeover. Click to see Part 1  &  Part 2, if you missed them.

After adjusting the ol’ budget to accommodate a new umbrella, my makeover consists of 4 yds. fabric to recover 4 cushions, 3 new seat cushions, 2 new throw pillows, and 5 cans of Valspar spray paint…and LOTS of moving & pushing the wall-hugging furniture around. The items I did not use yet, I just ran out of energy, are the cute colorful paper lanterns. They, now, sit on the bed in the guest room, all poofed up ready to party. Also, a bit of a disappointment, is that my string of lights, well, they lost their glow (ha, after sitting in the attic for years, no wonder) so they will not be making an appearance. However, since Captain had wrapped white twinkle(less) lights around trees and bushes near the lake a few years ago, there is a pretty evening ambiance.

Oh, almost forgot! Look at the photo above… my DOOR, my next DIY project, I cannot wait to get that started! I think the Captain is now onboard with having an old door in his the patio area. It took some talking to get him to drop his list of names, who may like to have this door. Enough of the talking, drum roll…the Reveal…

Patio 1…

MML patio 1 compos 500

    Below, new sitting area is a nice place to share in conversation and enjoy the door 


233x210aftr-chairs-wine-&-d   sail-237

Spray paint info: Blue wood chairs, Valspar, Outdoor, satin, Oceanic.  Orange round table, Valspar, Outdoor, satin, Dried Peppers.

I like to switch-out my throw pillows. Yep, I have even more pillows inside that also look great out here! Captain just loves to move the pillows every time he sits, just like he loves the door ; ) Lesson: Using the same colors indoors makes it simple & affordable to accessorize an attractive outdoor room.

  A pretty table…


Here are the blue & white napkins I bought for the makeover.

image  image

and Patio 2…

MML patio 2 compos 500



MML-patio-chair-fab  MML-p2-ps-300

Moving in the big stuff…

gr cabinet compos 500 copy

I even had time to pull out the old vintage beach chairs for the dock. While re-staining the wood, I noticed the fabric is fading and is not (oh no) in my new color wave… I could go on forever working on this Patio Remake, but I think for this year I am satisfied with how it turned out and I will enjoy and appreciate it all. I feel the urge to hug my door! (Sigh) I am pretty happy with the bang I got from a little fabric and paint, and Captain is really glad my Patio Makeover was more sweat than $$.


Truth is, from the time I start a “paint or sew project,” I am only driven forward by my envisioned end-result or sometimes by looking forward to the staging process at the end of a project. I am, however, finding that this MML “blog-thing,” with its posting deadline, keeps me on task and motivated to get an After photo to follow the Before, thus finish the project. When I started MML earlier this year, I did so hoping it would motivate me to update the cottage. It does!

What motivates you to get going and finish your projects?

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  1. Loved the reveal, great job Kathy. Yep, could see myself out on a not- so- scorching evening having an adult beverage lakeside! Thanks for the vision.

  2. Great job, Kathy! Love your use of color to brighten up the spaces. Looks beautiful set up against the lake view. Can’t wait to see what you do with the door.

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