Silent Sunday 6-28-2015

SS May 24 4w


You guys! I am so excited today! I am breaking into Silent Sunday to announce my new series on MML. I know…another day WE can Meet Lakeside, how fun is that! This will be a first Friday of the month Inspiration post. Not another Silent Sunday inspirational quote type of post, but instead, will be something that I want to share as an inspiration for the upcoming month. I am not boxing myself in with any categories though. It may be something that I find while shopping or a thought from a conversation with one of my interesting friends, or maybe even a collage of color, or something I learned and want to share.  Whatever “Floats my Boat.” That is what I love about blogging, it gives me a voice. I am calling it Friday Find, (not original, but memorable) it will be my find that will hopefully give you a kick-start going into a fabulous new month. Drop by July 3rd for Friday Find,  I will be sharing, Where I Get Inspiration.



One thought on “Silent Sunday 6-28-2015

  1. Looking forward to your new section. There are days when I could use some inspiration. Max agrees, but I think his inspiration is tied to food.

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