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When I need a BOOST of INSPIRATION I just go to my favorite blogs. Do you remember how we once got creative inspiration, prior to blogs existing? I got my inspiration (and many new skills) from watching hgtv, believe me when I say, “I work everything around the tv scheduling of my favorite shows.” My other old inspiration source was magazines. I was a subscription junkie. It was so hard for me to toss them out, now I don’t miss those piles. Hasn’t that has all changed with the Internet, Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram?

I was reminded of all that this week when I received an Amazon delivery. A few days earlier I was surfing one of my favorite blogs and there it was…


Can you tell that EVERYTHING on this placemat is printed on paper? So gorgeous – “mixed media art,” using photography and watercolor. This photo was shot immediately after I opened the UPS package –  I tore out one placemat and slapped it down on my kitchen table. I HAD to see it ON the table! Honestly, how SIMPLE could that be? Anyone could “whip up” an incredible tablescape in 3 seconds! NOTE: Be sure to click onto her site, she is showing a tablescape using another one of the 5 designs in her placemat set.

The source…where I get Inspiration…   Erin Gleeson is an artist, food photographer, blogger and new mom. I love how she has created such a SIMPLE way for me to set a pretty table, so elegant that I hate to cover the placemat with my real plates and silverware! Did you see, on the left corner, there is a pretty square area to write the guest’s name. It’s perfect! The photography is so convincing you can almost pick up the items. This is what got me swooning all week, here is a link, Placemats at AmazonI was so inspired to do a coordinating buffet tablescape that I pulled my blue & white chinese vases from the closet and I am now imagining the kind of flowers I want to use.

I am the cook in our family, but here’s my little secret…I am interested in the presentation more than cooking of the food. I don’t know how that got to be such a priority, but it is true. That’s why I am all about simple recipes, too. I want great taste & healthy meals with very little effort, so I can put more time into food and table presentation. That is why I am so inspired by Erin takes tasty, simple, and healthy and rolls them ALL into the most delicious & artistic presentation. Her first cookbook came out in 2014 the Forest Feast Cookbook…amazing recipes that literally are a “feast for your eyes.” I keep my cookbook on the coffee table because I like to sit and look at it as well as use it in the kitchen. She has two more cookbooks in the works, one about cooking with children. If YOU need a boost of Inspiration log into

What Inspires your Creativity?

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