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As promised, here is my Repurposed Vintage Door Reveal! It was so Simple to spruce up, of course, it does help that “less is more,” when it come to shabby chic.b4-aftr-door-compos-500


The only major change I make to the door was to apply an aqua, or maybe it’s called “jadeite,” color paint to the bare wood peeking out behind its peeling white paint. That little and quick detail gave the door an added layer of age. The original old door knob has aqua paint showing behind its peeling white paint, so I mixed 2 water-based paints, I had lying around, to match its bluish-green tone. I used a small art brush to paint over the bare wood, working in small areas, and let it almost dry before doing a damp-wipe to remove excess paint. That took patience to get the look of the aqua beneath the rough & peeling edges…take time and have extra rags or paper towels close by. I distress-sanded to age the new paint.


I wanted to be able to write a chalk Menu/quote/doodles on the repurposed door, but the upper divided panels would not work as a good writing area, if I just painted them with chalkboard paint. So I hit the EASY button and used a 2015 calendar that has a 12×12″ chalked saying for each month, thank you Colleen. It’s printed on thick paper. Perfect! I usually hang one of the sayings on the refrigerator near the coffee station. I love that it is I can simply change-out the sayings. Now, I just needed a way to hang the chalk sign…

Inspiration for chalk sign hanger

I am going to detour a bit here…take a look at this quaint German boutique/cafe/bar with a really cool vintage gift shop. When we arrived in the little town of Rothenburg, our private driver (due to train strike) had to wind around the little streets, of old town, to get to our Inn. While looking out the car window for places I would like to later walk back to, I spotted this charming shop with vintage items spilling-over  into the walkway…I knew I had to visit this shop! Well, short story LONG…I finally found this shop, on our last evening in Rothenburg, when Captain & I took a long walk. After looking around inside the shop…wow, I took some photos. Who knew that the old door with clothes hangers, inside a shop in Germany, would give me an idea for my door DIY?

rothenburg cafe bo german cafe boutiquegerman door

Do you see it? Clothes hangers on the door. The shop owner maybe hangs pretty tops on them to sell. That little vignette led me to the idea of hanging my chalk sign on a clothes hanger.


I just so happen to have (in the closet, sigh) a set of 5 wooden pant hangers, I had planned to display photos with. I took a couple of hangers and tried out some design styles. This one is painted using black chalkboard spray paint. I added  a Nordic Cross “+” design, drawn (quickly & not very precise) with liquid chalk. The other,(in photo at bottom of page) I just drew Nordic Crosses on the natural wood with a black permanent marker. So simple. Remember this is outdoor stuff, and will not be scrutinized. My motto is to skip perfection… As on of my calendar signs says,”Make It Happen.”

Flag Banner

The fabric for the banner flags coordinate with the patio color scheme – Orange/Navy/Aqua. I chose a solid, a mini print and a medium print to go with the larger print size on the pillows.

Color coordinate fabrics   fabric-233-h

I made a paper pattern (triangle) for the flag. Mine is 7.5″ long and the width at the top 6.5″. Later, the top wide edge will be folded down to make the channel for the banner string to go through.


I chose this double-sided sticky fusible webbing. My thought was that the flags needed to have the thickness of two fabrics but I did not want to sew them together. Enter the iron-on fusible webbing. Note: the webbing is super thin, the double fabric is what gives the flag weight.

Method: Cut the webbing triangle out first, peel off one side of paper (from webbing) to stick to fabric. Then cut that fabric flush to webbing edge (webbing still has another paper stuck to its other side, so it is easy to cut against.) Now, peel off that 2nd-side of paper from webbing and smoothly lay another piece of (rough cut) fabric onto the sticky web. Don’t cut the 2nd fabric yet…iron to fuse the 3 layers together, now cut the fabric flush with the other.


Fold down the top to make a channel deep enough to easily slide twine through. I made 4 triangle flags, 2 solid & one of each print, hand-stitched a simple wide running-stitch using contrasting thick thread. The stitches at the top form the channel but the side edge stitches are just for looks.


For the stringer I used twine. The twine was a bit thin so I cut 3 strands and braided them to make it thicker. I like the texture the braiding added. I figured out the length by  guessing holding twine across the door and letting it droop to a curve I liked, and then added to 12-inches per 3 strands. I was surprised I only cut off a few inches of waste after knotting both ends and having  3″ tails. BTW, I fed an inch of the braid into a straw and used the straw as a lead through the channel. The straw worked so well, I will always do it this way.



Now that’s what I call a Big Bang look! The door is quite a “fun” conversation piece. It will be fun to change out its banner and chalk sign. I added the deadbolt hardware above the door knob already. It is just a drawer pull left from another project. I think some old keys would look sweet hanging from a fancy glass hook I have. This door will morph over time.


Do you have a stored vintage item waiting to be Repurposed? Go…Make It Happen!

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  1. It looks great, Kathy. It follows the less is more and avoids being too busy. It will be interesting to see how the look changes over time. Let me know if you need any small pine cones for a winter look. As you know, I have plenty of them to give away!!!!

  2. How hilarious! I just put 2 big bags of small & med. pinecones back into THE closet – I had ripped thru the closet looking for some old keys to hang on the door. Didn’t find keys yet, but I am pretty sure I had a few at some point, stuffed away. I gotta come up with a way to use those pinecones in an Xmas DIY, for sure!

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