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Surprise…Today I’m just popping in to tell you that Topaz Labs, MY  VERY FAVORITE photo editing software, is offering a 40% discount on their Adjust Plug-in. Adjust is their premier plug-in and one that I use on almost all of my photos (both DSRL & iPhone photos) you see on MeetMeLakeside.

Starting today, you have an opportunity to have better looking photos and SAVE 40%!  $49.99 NOW $29.99 ! Whether you take photos using DSRL, Smartphone or a little point & shoot camera, you will love how much better your photos will look with a click or two of Topaz Labs Adjust plugin. I’m telling the truth when I say, “Most professional photographers use some sort of photo editing software.” And, many of them, including Masters of Light photographers (the best of the best,) use Topaz Labs (software plug-ins.) There is no reason that your photos can’t be as great as those taken by really good photographers! It just takes a simple plug-in to work magic.

I was typing out my post for Aug. 7th Friday Find, entitled, “How I make my Photos Jazzy,” when I got this information from Topaz Labs about their sale. So this could not have come at a better time for you to try-out or purchase. My Friday Find will show you a few tricks and the Software & Apps I use – definitely my Topaz Labs photo edits are shown.

I bring you this, not as a business opportunity for me, but as a chance for you to get a great discount on something that honestly changed my photos from amateur to sometimes professional quality. Toot! Adjust runs as a Plug-in installed on Elements, Photoshop, Lightroom or with TL’s own freestanding platform.

Topaz Labs is a GIVING company…once you purchase any of their awesome plug-ins, all updates are FREE. They also have regular monthly live-Webinars on how-to use their products to the fullest. I’m a  TL Webinar Addict.

Interested in learning more, Click the Learn More button in top ad photo and Use the special CODE:JULYADJUST, at checkout, limited time $49.99 NOW $29.99 , today until July 31st, so hurry!


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