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Ahhh, a weekend away…The weather here has gotten hot, AGAIN, so when we got an invitation to visit the California Central Coast, San Luis Obispo (SLO) area… I was thrilled. Jumping up & down kind of happy! The thought of a cool Weekend Golf Get-Away sounded so relaxing. Captain’s little sister and her husband, aka: S&L, who live in Paradise the Central Coast area, had planned a great 24-hour visit to their house that included us and my other SIL & husband (our Eastern Europe travel buddies) … golf, shopping and a barbecue on their new extended deck…and, Bloody Marys the next morning…the plan could not have been better! I’m sure you can see why I am sharing photos of their new outdoor decks as today’s Post. It is pretty incredible! (I included food shots, too, since everything was so special.)  Photo disclosure: My plan was to get up at sunrise the next day, Sunday, to shoot the decks in better lighting. BUT, Saturday night a storm rolled in, a day earlier than expected!! Anyway, thank goodness, I took these snapshots when we first arrived. The huge thunderstorm did not interfere with the golf and great bbq, however, shopping will have to be rescheduled, smile.

Photo: Monarch

Photo: Monarch

The Central Coast is only a few hours from home so we left Saturday morning, driving straight to Monarch Dunes Golf Course in Nipomo, where we all met up and had lunch before golfing. We played the shorter Challenge course, 12-hole par-3, perfect for our planned serious-relaxing-on-the-new-deck time. Sorry, I should have taken photos, but I was trying to just enjoy the moment, not so much record it. Click the above photo for a link to their photo gallery & info.

After golf we went over to the house to relax on the new patio decks and take in the amazing views. The sky was getting cloudy so the sunset was spectacular. This is wine country…we wined & dined, breaking in all the seating and lounging areas on the decks. I staked out the giant (bed) cushion next to the fire pit, it was so cozy I could have slept there all night, if not for the impending rain.

Appetizers on deck 500

My SIL fixed this new appetizer. It uses a new, to me, ingredient called burrata cheese. Burrata is mozzarella balls with a creamy cheese center. It is really tasty and easy to spread. A twist on caprese, but creamy. You cover the burrata with cherry tomatoes, that have been roasted with a little olive oil and minced fresh garlic. Sprinkle liberally with fresh basil, and then salt & pepper if you like. Spread over slices of toasted bread.

For dinner, using his new outdoor kitchen, our host, grilled filets, wrapped in bacon. Need I say more…melted like butter! Thanks S!


Below, are some fun snapshots…After dinner the guys cleaned the dishes while Cola, their lovable lab, relaxed with the girls on the deck. Remember, I said it rained?   Wellhere are ALL the pillows & cushions that L,  in the wee hours, quickly tossed inside so they would not get soaked… sorry, L, we slept thru it all!


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I hope you get a chance to kick-back and relax this summer.

And special thanks to S&L for treating us to a relaxing weekend and for allowing me to share your beautiful home on MML.

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  1. Ha! I was so relaxed over the weekend (slug) and then yesterday golfing with both you “travel buddies” again that I forgot I had only 1 day to get a posting done! So many errors! I finally gave up on multi-revisions. Yikes, blogging can be as time-sucking as Pinterest.

  2. You’re welcome! Was great to have you! I need to find a better way to get the pillows off the decks in a hurry!

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