Krakow, Poland

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Kraków was such a surprise! Having just grand-toured Germany, I was not thinking another country could equal its people, sites and beauty. Our bus journey from Berlin to Kraków, still using our German Rail Pass, was a 7-hour ride. After Berlin, we had all decided to go to Krakow before starting a Budapest/Prague rail tour, from Gate1 Travel, because we had heard it was an interesting and beautiful city, BUT, mainly, we wanted to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Visiting these next 3 cities would complete the WWII, Hitler & Soviet regime history that we had followed throughout Germany. The title photo, above, shows a box building, with many square windows, so typical of the communist era buildings we saw throughout Eastern Europe. Poland was under Soviet regime until 1989. Here is a good History of Poland.

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The countryside of Poland was so beautiful as we made our way to Krakow. It has a lot of agriculture, and rolling hills covered with stunning yellow canola fields.

orig poland countryside

Poland countryside @ 70mph

Before I left home, I had downloaded a few Photo Editing APPS to my iPhone, which was the only camera I took on this trip. So 7-hours of daylight, with a new country whizzing past my window, was my perfect travel situation. Everyone else on the bus was either reading their travel books, doing crossword puzzles, listening to music or snoozing…but me…I was spending hours learning to photo edit using APPS.  I know, “What a Nerd!”

to Poland countryside Waterlogue

Waterlogue APP

Our cool apartment was in Old Town Krakow, on the 5th floor, 222 steps up…they must not have noticed we aren’t in our 30’s. Luckily, we had walked and had climbed, up & down, steps all over Germany for the last 2 weeks. Antique Apartments Plac Szczepanski.

Krakow apartment 500

Antique Apartments entry and courtyard.

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Our apartment kitchen, and a balcony on the way up to our 5th floor – a good resting spot. From our room’s balcony, the view reminded me of Montmartre roof tops.

krakow  square 500

compos Krakow food stand 500

See all the ORANGE of Krakow? I started photographing anything Orange as I walked around. Using my iPhone APP, I did this ORANGE collage …



krakow old town square 500

St. Mary’s Basilica, in Rynek Glowny Square

cathedral 500

the very colorful, St. Mary’s Basilica


The far right photo, above, is a restaurant that quickly became our favorite dinner spot. We enjoyed authentic Polish dumplings, sausage and goulash and really good wines. Prices in Poland are incredibly low. The currency, Polish złoty, exchange was so much better than the euro, in Germany.

Next week I will share our visit to Auschwitz & the Salt Mines, both were an amazing experience. Definitely, Kraków should be on everyone’s travel list. Our time there seemed too short.

What city do you think should be on everyone’s Travel List?

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  1. You are right about orange in Kraków. I like your collage! Didn’t notice the little “talisman” in the window next to the bus driver. I guess it worked! No accidents!

    Travel buddy

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