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Sunday, my MML Silent Sunday, London PINK taxi, drew a lot of emails, “How did you do that?” and “What software was use to make the PINK taxi?” I thought it would be fun to share how I make a Colour Palette, for today’s post. I’m even including FREEBIE Templates to get you started. I started making my Colour Palettes for an online class assignment, a Week of Colour Challenge. That is what the PINK Taxi was for; a colour prompt, as well as the others you see on Silent Sundays. The first time I saw this photo/paint chips technique, I was so attracted to it that I started saving them to my iPad. The palette, below, by Design-Seeds, inspired my home decor colours.

col·our  pal·ette
/ˈkəkər/ ˈpalət/
a grouped range of colours. 

Desin-Seeds blue orange

Source: Design-Seeds

I carried my iPad, while shopping , so I could refer to the palette inspiration to keep me on track as I chose bedding, window fabric, and accessories I think that refers mostly to pillows. It really worked. The nautical photo defined my style. It kept me focused on both the mood and the color. I love to go into and just peruse the many palettes. Jessica uses nature photography as her inspiration for color combinations. Nature never gets it wrong.

After I did the PINK Taxi colour palette, using Kim Klassen‘s template, where the swatches are paint strokes instead of rectangles, I started playing with all kinds of shapes to drop my colours into. I love the cloud shape I used for pastels in the, below, Paris Carousel photo. It was then that I decided to name my colours, which is crazy fun to match colors & the photo mood to unique sometimes goofey names.

SS Apr 26 4w

Button shapes…clever


Source: KwernerDesign

I found this great site,, that uses colour palettes to help brides plan their weddings. How cool is that? I think I will be hooked visiting that pretty site.



mmlColorwave Whisper Candles

Notre Dame. Corrected problems using Topaz Labs, Adjust, DeNoise, and StarEffects.

I told you I would show you How to Make a Colour Palette:

**You do need a software application that allows you to do layers, like Photoshop or PS Elements or Illustrator. I use Elements 9 and 12, as my layers program. I’ve said this before…I bought Elements instead of full-blown Photoshop because it is real cheap (Walmart sale) boxed so no monthly fee for the CCloud & it’s less bulky for my older laptop.

Download your FREEBIE  MML_Colour Palette Templates

Newbie to layers? You can download my PDF tutorial,  MML_How to Make a Colour Palette_revised , an easy to follow-along tutorial. 


Do Color Palettes INSPIRE you?

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  1. Awesome, loved this post, intimidating to me though with my limited artistic skills. But I love how you talk us through the process and bring it down to something real.

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