DIY Charging Station

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Do you always charge your cell phone or tablet in the SAME place each day?  Is that Charging area a counter top, desk, or side table, where device cords trail all over? Isn’t it funny how that drop spot/charging area is always where everyone hangs out, making it the most viewed area of the house? Today’s post is a DIY solution to all those ugly cords while creating a tidy charging station. Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit; where we charge our phone, is where it is most convenient, but not necessarily attractive.

I mentioned in earlier posts, that I, recently, made the BIG swap from my flip-phone to an iPhone. I know, what a dinosaur. I also mentioned…I like to recharge my devices on a certain countertop corner; that is because it is nearest the kitchen/family room, tv, and my chair (I hope that doesn’t conjure up visions of a huge Lazyboy : ) That’s my hang-out area. I often find myself sitting at that edge of the counter so I can plug in my laptop & external drive while blogging. Wow…I am realizing this is essentially my desk/office area…no wonder I needed to organize it!

Here was my Problem:  I needed a place to recharge all those devices and hide the cords.  Two people with 5 devices can be pretty messy! I needed a Charging Station that could also, NEATLY store a notebook, paper, pen, ear buds and All the stuff I use while on my computer – where I can reach them anytime. But, I wanted it to blend into the room and not look like another thing that should be put away.

DIY Solution:  I bought a letter & bill organizer at Home Goods and converted it to fit my needs. It is made of wood with an industrial style galvanized face. I am a bit OCD (basket crazy) when it comes to piles laying on any surface in the house, so this works great for corralling the devices as well as hiding the cords. I had to rethink where to plug-in though. The plug I was using was below the counter, so the cords had to trail down. The old way was messy and I was always watching to make sure nothing accidentally pulled the cords, causing devices to fall to the floor. Anxiety…these devices are not cheap. Fortunately, there is another plug outlet nearby, on the kitchen tile backsplash, actually closer. Here is the final plug setup…since it is a permanent cord setup, the new usb friendly was perfect; no adapters needed. I since have removed the top portable adapter, the two ports are plenty.

plug 500 b&w

I bought 2 different types of plug outlets to try. My first choice would have been the one, below, that replaces the hard-wired wall outlet. It’s a much cleaner look without an outlet protruding from the wall. Hard-wiring an outlet is something I am comfortable doing, but this particular wall requires an outlet setup for “near water” and required more expertise. So, I opted for the second simpler outlet solution, which just plugs into the existing outlet. It was almost half the cost and instant.

po 2 350x300 horiz

Above photo shows the plug outlet that is hardwired

po 1 front 300x350

  this one just plugs into existing socket

mml final last pic copy

container  container back

To adapt the wood box to accommodate device cords, I cut 2 holes; one in the backside panel, and one in the middle panel, for the cords to pass through between device and the wall outlet.

This was a Simple & Affordable update. I have lived with this Charging Station for a few months now, and can’t believe how it has made my life so much less complicated. ALL the tools and notes that I need are, now, where I can easily find them. A side benefit to having such a small office, ha, is that I have to keep papers from collecting into clutter. Now, my devices are always ready to use and safely stored. My office in a box, has turned out to be one of my smarter DIY updates.


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