Friday Find – Fall into the Holidays

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Welcome to Friday Find! I am so excited to share this DIY with you, so you can get an EARLY start on Fall, too. The weather is changing, before long it will be FALL…my  jumpstart on Fall decor & preparation, will allow us later to leisurely entertain & enjoy the holidays with family & friends. You know, avoid being rushed. Today’s Simple DIY really got me into the Fall spirit! I made this burlap Fall Leaf picture earlier in the week, and when I hung it up in the main bathroom, I was catapulted into doing a whole Bathroom Fall Refresh. Confession…it doesn’t take much to get me in a Fall Mood. I love the earthtone colors and spicy scent of Fall. (Is it PSL time, yet?) Since this DIY jumpstart, both Captain & I are now working through our Fall into the Holidays Checklist, so we later can sit back cozy and enjoy the season.

This is the DIY that got us going…

Fall Burlap Picture DIY

Supplies are also listed on Leaf Pattern download. Test paint color on scrap burlap or fabric. Position leaf patterns & Trace outline onto Burlap. For tracing it is Best to use felt pen in similar color, but if paint is dark ink is ok. Use pencil if paint is light color.

Supplies are also listed on Leaf Pattern download (below). Test paint color on scrap burlap or fabric. Position leaf patterns & Trace outline onto Burlap.
For tracing, it is best to use felt pen similar to paint color, ink pen is ok for dark colors. Use pencil if paint is light color.

I bought my 16″x20″ burlap board at Home Goods, $15.00, which is foam core board covered with burlap. It would be easy to make using foam core board, cut to size, and then adhering burlap with spray adhesive. Nail head trim optional.

Leaf Pattern with supplies list, download HERE

Mark ONE leaf with tape so you don't accidently paint wrong color. Outline the leaf with paint then fill in after. Do all or some then go back over with 2nd coat & touchup. Paint center leaves first, working outward so hand touch wet paint

Mark ONE leaf with TAPE, so you don’t accidentally paint it the wrong color. Work from center positioned leaves outwardly, so your arm doesn’t drag over wet paint.
Paint the outline of your leaf first, then fill-in center. Let dry thoroughly, then paint a 2nd coat & touch up.

Summer to Fall Refresh

A swap of the rug, towels and accessories – including my DIY Fall Leaf burlap picture says, “It’s FALL!”

b&a bath picture area 500

I like to bring a warm cozy Fall mood to a room by using earth tones and lots of texture. The Bathroom is the perfect space to start, because of its shiny & reflective juxtapose.

b&a towels

4up bath_edited-1
Fall is the time of year when Captain & I normally do maintenance & setup for the cooler, wetter season (keeping my fingers crossed on that one!) I have always loved to have everyone over for the holidays. The only thing is…it is really hard, especially when the kids were young and I was working, to get everything that I wanted done before the big Turkey holiDAY. So over the years, I have come up with this plan, a Fall into the Holidays CheckList. Actually, it is simply…have a PLAN & START EARLY to get it ALL done, so there’s time to focus on the fun stuff (decorating.) My daughter & son-in-law are coming for Thanksgiving so I am going all-out this year. I am especially excited about the tablescape but I will use my tried-and true dinner menu. Not a time to experiment on recipes…”done that before!”  I will be posting, throughout September, about my Fall Decorating Ideas and easy safe fall recipes that smell & taste so good.

You may ask… Where is this Fall into the Holidays CheckList, I keep referring to?  Well, Meet Me Lakeside next week – I will post a download for you to use. We can all relax and enjoy the holiday season together!

What past project has jump-started your Fall Holiday Season?

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