Halloween Folkart Hack

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Glad you’re here! Just a quick post today. This week I threw a totally random project into my week. What began as just putting a quick Annie Sloan clear wax onto a frame, led to a hack of the picture. I am pretty shocked that I actually finished it. It must be true, “The busier you are, the more you get done.”


My hack

This sweet Folkart picture is made of felt (faces), painted canvas (noses/eyes), with embroidered details. The the felt faces are lightly glued onto cotton muslin backing and the word, Halloween Greetings, stitched on. The orange felt for the pumpkin faces was too bright, so I used dark brown stamper’s ink, dabbed lightly with a stencil brush, to tone down the color. I love Folkart for its simplicity and well, its folksiness : ) I tea-stained the muslin for 6 hrs to give it a vintage look. Before pouring tea over it I crumpled and the folded the fabric so stain would have an uneven texture to it.


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