DIY: Halloween Cloche

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After our long HOT summer, I especially look forward to Fall this year – crisp cool weather, the changing color of leaves and the spicy scent of pumpkin & apple pie, make Autumn so deliciously cozy. Throughout the year, I use little decorating touches that bring a fresh greeting to each new Season. Whether it be, outside, a wreath on the door, a potting of flowers; or inside, seasonal wall decor, or to change out the color of pillows & throws…those are the things that get everyone (or maybe its just me?) into the Spirit of the Season. You know by now, from past posts, I seasonally decorate a glass cloche and our coffee/beverage station to fit each new holiday. Both, the themed cloche and coffee station, are setup in the heart of our home, near the kitchen, and are visible shortly after entering our home…easily setting the mood. If you are new to MML here is my Valentine & Spring cloche madness.

Halloween Glass Cloche

1 oct dome 500 brSupplies: Glass cloche/dome, base (mine is a tree trunk round), pedestal (cake stand), decoration items (paper mache Jack ‘o Lantern figurine, silk leaves & berries), straw material or burlap.

2 oct dome 500 br

Not a lot of direction needed for doing this DIY, other than a couple of TIPS:  1) Add a layer of texture. That is why the straw material works so well. It adds a bit of natural texture. This particular material was a straw runner that I had extra of. So I just cut a couple of pieces off to use. The folded-up corners give more depth, than had it been left flat.  2) Elevate  more levels = more interest. I used an orange glass cake stand. Originally I planned to use a black metal cake stand, but the figurine was too tall. I have, other times, also used a plate with a short cocktail glass as its pedestal, to create elevation.

MML dome final 500

After Halloween I will SIMPLY remove the figurine and add some fall mini pumpkins, squash & gourds.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Station

oct coffee station 500

Adding to the fall coziness is my seasonal coffee/beverage station. PSL, yum! Soon I will start gathering goodies for Hot Apple Cider, for once the cooler weather hits.

Maybe it’s more of an age thing  I now have time, but I sure do enjoy (even look forward to!) changing out just a couple of items instead of a massive decoration of my house each season less cleanup after the holidays. Confession: This fall, with planned Thanksgiving house guests, I am decorating a lot more, but even in a minimalist year, the cloche & beverage station are always going to be what welcomes in new seasons Lakeside.

What small decorations do you add to bring in the Season?

Don’t you love the Harvest Moon? Well today, September 23, 2015,  the Autumnal Equinox marks the official first day of Autumn/Fall. Soooo- the September 27-28th full moon counts as the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon. PLUS, this year’s Harvest Moon will present the closest & largest full moon of the year and will be also a total eclipse of the moon (isn’t that a song?) on Sept 27 – Sept 28, depending on location (check HERE.) This is not just a regular Harvest Moon, it is a SUPERMOON that is staging a Blood Moon eclipse. Next time this all happens will be in 2033.

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