DIY – A Fall Tablescape

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This morning I put together our Fall tablescape. You know, I’m all about the TABLESCAPE. The effort put into even the simplest tablescape brings that boom-boom move to entertaining. With Fall, I am taking advantage of bringing in the orange tones to go with the rest of our house’s orange & blue color scheme. My newly painted chairs bring in that blue aspect, so for the orange & fall colors I took the cue from the plaid chargers – chocolate-brown, cream, sage and rusty orange. I love to buy collect all those things that add to the base; plates, chargers and linens, even plaid throws – yes, that was my ebay obsession 2 years ago! It is hard to pass up something I may need someday…isn’t that what hoarders say?

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Entertaining is All About the Base  Tablescape, okay, go ahead click that link, to get your boom-boom move on. I know you’re thinking, “What?? She’s already set the Thanksgiving table??” Yep…but the plates & stuff are not going to be sitting there for 8 weeks. Nope, I put it together and then took it down the next day, leaving only the centerpiece. Captain thinks that’s a little nutty, but I needed to make sure I have everything ready for that Big day. My Dry Run.

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I do have to say that, in the past, I have set the table 1-2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving and left it up. One less big thing to do when you expect a large crowd, right? Boy, did that feel good to have done! Those years were when the kiddos were young and I had time during their naps. But mostly I had many more years of Holiday dinners where I barely got the plates to the table before the turkey was carved. Sad because, to me, the table decor is the fun part about entertaining. Have you ever thrown napkins at your guests half way through the meal? “Here…Catch..Pass them on!”

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Fall centerpiece 500 copyhum, flying napkins…segway Something as simple as the Napkin can make a table decor POP. This year my orange napkin was the “boom-boom move” I added to the otherwise nice-but-plain ivory napkin I had planned originally. I wanted to keep the table at its cozy unextended-length, but at the same time keep each place setting from feeling cramped. Once I decided napkins were going to hold the utensils and be on top of the plate stack, the choice of napkin-fold was easy.

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Folded Napkins:

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Napkins are a major component in the color story of your table so having a few color choices on-hand helps set a pretty table for any occasion. Tips: The best napkins to fold are made from medium weight 100% cotton fabric; the fold will be crisp & hold better. Use a steam iron to set the folds. If you are just starting to entertain, buy a set 6 or 12 white cotton napkins. They will be your workhorse linen for many years. A fresh, clean white goes with all color schemes and can be bleached to keep them looking fresh as new. 

Old Wooden Board:

Pinterest is full of Inspirational photos using an old wooden board running down the length of a table. So of course, I wanted to make one! But first, a few favorite Pinterest Inspirational Tablescapes…

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Source:, fall home tour.


Source:, Fall Tablescape.

Ah, inspiration…Okay, my wooden board is an old weathered fence plank (thank you S.S.!). It was 60″ long – too long for my unextended table so I cut it down to 26″. Remainder will be another DIY : ) The photo (below) shows how the freshly cut end needed to be “aged”. I used an orbital sander to distress & smooth sharp edges, then it got a hit of Minwax Weathered Oak. That is a nice gray toned stain. Just a few swipes using a paper towel.

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my board end copy

Pads attached to underside of board to protect table from scratches,

Pads are attached to underside of board to protect table from scratches,

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  • Chargers – Michael’s.
  • Ivory and Orange cotton Napkins – Home Goods (Home Sense in Canada).
  • Chocolate Brown burlap Runners – homemade,  HERE.

Are you Inspired to create a new Fall Tablescape this year?

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