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LMML Leftovers 500Thanksgiving meal is a BIG Feast each year. No matter how I plan to “keep control” of the number of side dishes, the size of the turkey and the number of pies, there always seems to be a lot food and a lot of Leftovers. Plenty for freezing and plenty to send home with our guests. Hey, I’m not complaining, who doesn’t love turkey sandwiches the next week day? While I was cruising through Pinterest recently, what kept catching my eye were some festive ways to package Leftovers. Hum…I decided to give it my spin. Not only was this project fun, I found that many of the supplies were already in my junk craft closet. It was fun to make a supply of Leftovers containers that I can keep tucked in my pantry and use throughout the year, not just Thanksgiving. As a mom, I’ve always sent my kids and guests home with any extra leftovers. Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, especially when it can just be reheated. Life seems Better when cooking is Simple.

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MML leftover 4Supplies: Food containers & paper bags, Freebie printable labels (see PDF downloads at end of post), 8.5 x 11″ sheets of sticker (label) paper (I buy per sheets at Kinkos and cut each out after printed), baker’s string, wrapping paper, paper for lid (I used printed heavy 12×12″ scrapbooking paper/Michael’s), washi tape, ribbon.
You can find brown craft-paper Take-out boxes at Michael’s, and white take-out boxes at Smart & Final or big box stores, brown and white paper sacks and handled bags are from Dollar Tree (3 for a buck), my gift wrap paper was extra, in closet : ) from Dollar stores or Home Goods. Note: Baker’s string, washi, and ribbon is a lot cheaper at Joann Fabric/you can buy in small combos for a buck per pack.
Tips:   1. Use the cardboard lid that comes with the aluminum container as a template to cut the scrapbook or wrapping paper. Keep it with the container & untainted for using in oven, but lay decorative paper over it (with label & decor stuck to decorative paper) – no glue – it will stay smooth when the container rim folds down.   2. Take-out box: I removed the wire handle just by slipping it off. Then depending on width of new ribbon, slit or poke a bigger holes. Scotch tape one end of the ribbon to easily feed ribbon thru the holes. The ribbon or twine is knotted on inside of box so the handle won’t pull out.MML leftover rectangles

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FREEBIE PRINTABLES:  MML Thanxgiving printable PDF, and MML dawg round & sq 2 sizes, and MML pdf Oval Leftovers mixed Printable and MML Grammy’s Treats aqua printable



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