(not so) Silent Sunday/Topaz Labs discount

Adjustment Stack View

Update: Sale is over but click on Topaz Labs links on this page to get newest deals. Such as the Black Friday Weekend 50% off full set of Plug-ins! That is what I have and I use them all : )

It’s another one of my “Not so” Silent Sunday postsI’m breaking the silence to share some good news & a great offer…Topaz Labs (you know that is my VERY FAVORITE photo editing tool) has a NEW Plug-in called, Texture Effects and YOU can receive a $20. discount by clicking on my link below. Use the Discount Code: TEXTUREFX  between now & Nov. 20th! That’s soon!

Roll-out Sale of Texture Effects is $49.99 (reg. $69.00) only thru Nov 20th

Beautiful moring in beech forest

Beautiful morning in beech forest

You must know by now, that the use of textures is my all-time favorite way to enhance my own photos. No one does it better than Topaz Labs when it comes to edit manipulation & control of your photos. Believe me, this would make a fabulous Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys taking & editing their photos, and isn’t that everyone nowadays? As with all Topaz Labs plug-ins, updates are free and webinars & tutorials are free as well. I Love this company! I am dance-around happy that my texture process is now made easy.


What is a texture effect?? I am taking a deep breath and posting my original self-portrait I use on my blog’s About page, (yep, that takes courage, for all to see) but I did it so you can see what adding a texture can do to an ordinary (SOOC) photo. Behind the scenes of the shot: The photo was shot in the bathroom, a photo of my reflection in the mirror, unfortunately capturing the glare & blue color of the lighting AND the shower curtain behind me. Oh and everything was IN focus, not hazy, wrinkles & all. Not so great, right?

What adding a texture does: The brown-toned texture creates a hazy look & adds more textural interest, hue & tonal changes. You can really see the texture on the right-hand side shower curtain of the photo. I brushed some texture off the face & arm areas. Then in Photoshop Elements 12 sharpened & whitened the eyes as an extreme focal point and added the quote. Confession: I also cloned myself thicker eyelashes : ) That’s how a simple texture addition can change a photo completely; color, mood, focus, interest.

Click Below on Learn More to see a demonstration video or for Trial/Purchase information. Discount Code: TEXTUREFX


275+ high-resolution (5000x5000px) image textures are just ONE click away, using Topaz Labs new Texture Effects plug-in. I have checked-them-out and that is an incredible value.

Texture Adjustment Module

Example Adjustment Stack

The CONTROL of brushing out, opacity, color temperature (plus others, see above) is all done within the plug-in. Really cool border edges, light leaks and scratch/dust (tons & tons! I big puffy heart TL) are a part of the package. Not into textures? Wait, you can get the gorgeous lighting effects of Presets, all the same control, using this new plug-in! Whether your photos are taken with an expensive DSRL camera or with a smartphone, Topaz Labs plug-ins give you total control of the effects you want to create. FYI: CONTROL is a huge difference between using Topaz Labs vs smartphone editing Apps.

If you have an older computer, I would suggest a free-Trial download before purchasing Texture Effects. Because of it’s many high-resolution textures, Texture Effects does require a minimum graphics card. So if in doubt it is better to know before purchasing – the installer scans and tells you if your system is lacking. On that note, the week prior to and the week after Thanksgiving is the best time to purchase a new computer or software. Just say’in! Did you get that hint Captain?
DISCLOSURE: I am a Topaz Labs affiliate member. Meaning, when you use any links/ads posted on my MML site to enter their site,  I get a small commission at purchase. The opinions expressed by me about any affiliate product posted on MML is always based upon my personal use of the product. I only affiliate with products that I find exceptional, that is why you don’t see annoying ads pop up as you read my blog.

Now back to your Silent Sunday…

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