Burlap Christmas Tree Picture


On my Nordic Home Tour 2015 post I showed a burlap Christmas tree picture that was part of our fireplace mantel decoration. I mentioned that it is a hack from one I saw for sale online and I would share my pattern & directions for your DIY.

Directions can be found HERE on my Burlap Fall Leaf post.

After you’ve printed the PDF’s, below, you can adjust the size of the trees to fit your particular size burlap canvas. Once the size is determined, print enough trees to layout the whole canvas, flipping some of them so they are not repetitive. *Be sure to mark the odd colored tree with a piece of tape or something, so you don’t accidentally paint it the wrong color. When you trace & paint, do so loosely, adding a personality to each tree. Tip: After a few I ended up just marking a dotted stick tree form, not the true outline, so I could just free-hand draw them. I included some dots on page#1 so you can see what I mean. This is supposed to be primitive art so don’ sweat it.




Thanks for Meeeting Me Lakeside. Have a Merry Christmas!

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