It’s Time to Breathe!

MML Letting your Home Breathe

Even though I try to keep control of the Rush that comes with the Holiday, I have yet to make it through a complete holiday season without the feeling of clutter, disorganization and a general feeling of, I can’t wait til this is over! Are you with me? I know Captain is agreeing. Being a true believer in You are what you surround yourself with, I have adopted an After-Holiday tradition. This is my 3rd year year of this tradition, I got it from the lovely ladies of Blogland.


Here is my After-Holiday new traditionBREATHE (I start clearing out the decorations the day of after Christmas. I know that is a bit radical, but it works for me. Since I have already removed a lot of year-round knickknacks prior to decorating for Christmas – then once the Christmas decor is gone the rooms look & feel BARE & the rooms can BREATHEI find myself sitting and enjoying rooms that I normally only breeze through; enjoying the sunlight that warms the space. This year I took my After-Holiday rooms a step further by only bringing back items that are neutral in color.




I kept the black & white pillow covers that I used in my Nordic Xmas Home Tour 2015 decor, that hid the original orange fabric. The coffee table and end tables now are cleared off with only 1-2 items on them. I love how each item seems to have importance and stands out because there is nothing else to look at. I cleaned off the dust & fingerprints from little sticky fingers and cleared out the baskets.


I made a couple of stands of soft white yarn pom-poms to string in the entry and near the fireplace. Pom-poms are SIMPLE to make, I used a pom-pom-maker I bought at Michaels over the holidays. I used a thick soft yarn. One skein was enough to make all of them, good thing because I can not find the other skein in all the mess…confession: all the cleared out Xmas decor is stacked in the recently cleaned guest room and office. Do you do that too? back to the pom-poms – They remind me of snowballs and in a strange way have brought a simple joy to the areas (or maybe that is just me feeling that ‘ol uncluttered joy in this part of the house.)


The fireplace mantel is a work-in-progress this year. I removed most of the seasonal items and added a white pom-poms to the black reindeer head and to the branches in a vase. It was so simple and cheap but gives a snowy winter-look.

I was taking down the front porch Nordic Christmas decorations and decided the house needed to begin its cleansing breath here.


I did not put a wreath on the door, which is a real departure for me. I am just going to clean off all the surfaces and leave it bare. No cushion on the bench , no new plants, no wreath…it looks like we’ve moved.

Well, this finishes up 2015 posts. Ahhhh…the big gasp for a breath of air is not just coming from the house!

What you maybe didn’t know is that this post is ALSO the last post of my FIRST YEAR of blogging MML…yep, MML has its ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Sunday, January 3, 2016! My next post, in the New Year 2016, will cover some thoughts and lots of rambling on and as I recall red wine about blogging for one full year. I will be sharing what is to come for Round Two of MML. Until then, Thank YOU so much for following me and Meeting Me Lakeside this year, during my FIRST year of figuring-out how to blog. Behind the scenes blogging is something else, a big learning curve…lots of new brain cells hopefully.


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