New Beginnings – Round Two


A New Year & MML’s One-Year Anniversary!

Round Two…continuing my journey?

Don’t you love the quote in the photo above?

Where you stop becomes your summit.

When life gets tough or a project or work gets too hard, the easy way to handle it is to stop, give up and become complacent about that being your best place. The acceptable summit. I am all about finding the simple way around any situation, as you know, but when it comes to finding an end, I usually push beyond the comfortable point.

Here is why I even mention this…

I can’t believe it has ONLY been ONE year since I began blogging…Blogging is a committment, for sure! All the things that needed to be done and learned in order to get a blog rolling; so many things I don’t know how I got it all in place. When I committed to blogging I vowed to post regularly, treat it as a quasi-job. That is really a personality thing I have realized. I did not miss a single Wednesday post, altho one was posted late in the day. High five, Kathy!

Here are my stats:

  • Day & Time of most readers: Wednesday at 7:03 am
  • 124 total Posts (Wednesday, Silent Sunday, Friday Find)
  • 782 photo & video inserts
  • 5,281 spam Blocked by Akismet
  • 167 approved comments
  • 1,697 ignored comments (lots of really strange stuff on the Internet ; )
  • 66 countries represented by MML readers
  • 8 mentions of Captain
  • Affiliate partners: Topaz Labs, Scottevest, Creative Market
  • My website presence: WordPress & BlueHost….was I lucky to go with these folks from the beginning! Amazing service and support.
  • Followers – not enough, it’s coming along. If you are familiar with blogging, a lot can happen if you drive a lot of traffic to your site. This is  2016 goal to work on.

Before I began blogging I read several blogs about How to Blog. Yikes…I realized I was in new territory, where the terminology seemed like a foreign language. I won’t bore you by going on about the process, just that it was all SO fun to go through “the creating of a blog site” and an exciting time of discovery. Everything about blogging led to a new discovery. My most recent, Dec 4-6, was the WordPress Camp live online. I love that I found, in WordPress & and in Blogland, a whole huge community of kind & generous like-minded people in this whole blog experiment process. Lots of helpers along my journey.

I spent the last 2 months considering the direction I want to take this blog…or even, at many times, whether I want to continue blogging, sigh. Lots of things go on in life and sometimes a detour needs to be taken. Blogging is for me a creative outlet and a way for me to keep-up with technology, I can’t even begin to tell you how this journey has stretched like a pretzel and challenged me. MML also has kept me on task to finishing projects around the cottage, which was a main goal for starting a blog. That said, blogging Round-2 really came down to something Captain (#9 mention) said when he knew I was about to give up blogging as I approached my 1-year blog-goal. He reminded me that I enjoyed the process and should not give up so easily on something that brings such pleasure. So that is where I stand today looking forward to MML, Round Two. New things are comin’ for MML.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside and for hanging in there through my first year. For the new year I wish YOU, too, the courage to move forward toward new peaks. Always remember that these are peaks…so it is a climb, a test of your strength and tenacity…but once you are there, the view looking back at how far you’ve come is almost as grand as the view of what is to come…a new summit.

Are you excited to see what YOUR 2016 New Summit will bring?

Oh, btw, if you were expecting Silent Sunday today…Let’s just say, that is “so 2015!” Stay tuned to find out what will take its place. I can’t wait to find out too : )

I said last Wednesday I would share what MML will look like this new year. But first I would love to hear some comments from YOU as to what YOU would enjoy seeing on MML. Please, Leave your Comment below.

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6 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Round Two

  1. Congratulations Kathy! Can’t believe it’s been one year! I’ve enjoyed following you!

    Your travel buddy

  2. Happy New Year! I love the crafty how-to’s and I’d love to hear more about surviving travel and home organization (the house is breathing, but I think it needs a tune up). Love and hugs!

  3. Thanks Philicia, I will be sure to incorporate lots of decorating inspiration in year 2. I am working on convincing Captain of some big projects in the spring. Thanks for following MML.

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