Thru the Lens Sunday 1-17-2016

GIF sunset

I did it! My first GIF ( well maybe 4th : ) I will show you how I did it but first things first…

Watch the photo GIF above switch of Before to After. That is what GIF is all about. Photo Animation…

Photo Back-Story: This week we went out in the boat and got a whole new perspective, from the water, of Lake Havasu’s rocky shoreline. That got me thinking about how viewing anything is just a matter of perspective and can be changed by looking at whatever it is from a new and different angle. A reminder that we can control our attitude of any situation by changing our perspective (or point of view).

Photo Process:

I snapped this picture, from the moving boat, using my iPhone as the sun was dropping behind a high peak. that’s a tip: you don’t have to wait for the perfect set up. Then I did some photo edits using SnapSeed App… all on my iPhone. Photo editing Apps are a quick and easy way to enhance photos on the fly. Did you know SnapSeed is FREE?

I Saved the SnapSeed edited photo (as a copy) then uploaded both the Before & After photo files to my NEW (free also!) GIF maker program, called EZgif you can try it HERE. It is pretty fun! Give it a try, the program will walk you through the simple process or if you are intimidated, I made a GIF of my process below…

Animated Gif created using:

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! Come back on Wednesday, I will be sharing our Day Trip to Quartzsite.

Til then, Wishing you Sunny Days!

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