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The element of Layering textures and finishes when decorating a space is critical in achieving that professionally styled look. The photo above is a beautiful example of the magic that happens when principles of layering and placement are applied to a simple shelf. The era of matched suites, and our parents’ or grandparents’ #1 Rule: “Never MIX woods or metals in a single room” is long gone. Decorating today is more free and self-expressive than ever, mixing of styles and surfaces only enhance the room’s personality. Copper is the trending metal that everyone is throwing into their mix, believe me, COPPER is BIG. On our last trip to Phoenix I got to shop at all the big-city stores with great floor displays…decorating ideas I usually only see online or in catalogs…it was copper that kept popping up in all sorts of ways, big and small.

Restoration Hardware had recently opened its new flagship store in Scottsdale, so we visited it. I felt like I was walking through the rooms I saw in the catalog. The store is a 3-level, 30,000 sq ft Tuscan villa…massive rooms, each opening onto large decorated and landscaped patios. On the top-level the rooftop garden has incredible city views. People come to sit, to read a book or converse with friends on the expensive outdoor furniture of the gorgeous landscaped grounds. Oh no! I just saw that they also serve wine, we missed that!  There is also a gentleman posted at the 8-foot gated entry to the grounds, who offers valet service. Pretty swanky! Honestly, one could easily walk pass looking for the store, it looks more like a hotel. Anyhoo – back to window shopping…the ONE thing I saw at all the big-city stores was COPPER and some brass. With so many copper products on the market, it is easy to fit the copper trend into any budget, especially when you use it as a colour instead of a metal. I find that Copper adds a fresh look to the mix of metal finishes I already have in my rooms.

A colour palette that has trended for a while is Copper & Blush. It is soft, but very feminine.


On our desert trip I found a more gender neutral palette, Copper & Dark Green – a combination straight out of nature. My house is decorated in Orange/Navy, which is similar, in that the colors, too, are complementary on the color wheel. But its the “tension” (a Nate Berkus description) created by the warm & cool palette that I love. I am thinking Copper is my new orange and dark green my new navy blue.

Copper can be introduced into a room even in the tiniest way, yet still make a big warmth impact.

Source: – I saw a similar coffee table display using copper-wired tiny lights under a big cloche dome at Restoration Hardware. Gorgeous!

On a budget? Bring copper into your home via an affordable can of metallic copper paint.


Gathered Copper Inspiration


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the Copper trend is showing up in all markets

and in Weddings…

and in the coolest public spaces


Source: Dot& the new Magnolia Smokestack Brewery in San Francisco, California.

After all this Copper Inspiration, “Do I plan to incorporate copper into our decor?” Yep. When I saw the brushed copper & stainless bowls (shown above) at World Market…it was a done deal! Also, I’m going to get these copper wired tiny lights for under my glass dome. Then just sayin’, you may see a copper/green palette in my 2016 Fall season post. I’m really loving that color combo.

BTW, did you think MML was going to be a no-show today? It was on Sunday! I got home from my desert trip last week and was hit with hard with a bug that put me under-the-weather for a week. I did, however, during my non-vertical think-time, figure out what I am naming my 2016 Sunday post series. Tune in next Sunday to see what I decided!

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