Weekend Wanderings 2.7

Welcome to MML’s new (renamed) Sunday edition, Weekend Wanderings!


As I mentioned recently, I was not satisfied with the name Thru the Lens, and was using that for lack of a better name for the MML 2016 Sunday post series. TaDah…enter…Weekend Wanderings! 

I guess Weekend Wanderings is a culmination of Silent Sunday photography and Friday Find discovery, both from 2015.

WW posts will reveal something (photo) that I have stumbled upon, did, or thought of (ha, morph…Weekend Ramblings.)

Today’s photo is of 2 flowers (the only flowers in our yard) I picked yesterday to bring a bit of “February Pink” into the kitchen. As I was photographing my sweet & simple white bowl flower arrangement, I got an inspiration for next Wednesday’s post!

My hope is that the new direction of my Sunday series will be Weekend Wanderings = Inspiration for you, too.

Thanks for stopping by and Meeting Me Lakeside!

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