Spring is in the Air

February, especially around Valentine’s Day, gets me in a Spring frame of mind. I know spring is still a ways off…but this is how I roll…a week of warm sunny weather and I am outside unstacking patio furniture and looking for ways to bring the yard back to life. Officially Spring begins mid-March during the Vernal Equinox. Click HERE for a countdown until Spring. But when the first bulbs begin peeking through the ground I know Spring is here near. In the Central Valley of California, where I live, the weather is mild so that first bulb seen in February is likely to be a crocus.

Source: GardenKnowHow.com

Source: GardenKnowHow.com

These early pre-Spring “minor” bulbs are much smaller compared to later season bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, but their brilliant colors are especially welcomed after a bare winter. To me these spring blooms signify a Fresh Start or a Change to the grayness. No wonder a vase of tulips is such a mood lifter!

Nothing is more beautiful in a room than a vase of freshly cut flowers, I love flowers! I am not a gardener at all so I purchase my flowers at Trader Joes or a nearby grocery store, trim them and simply place the flowers loosely in a vase. I love to watch fresh flowers go through their life-cycle from a tight bud, opening, then bursting full bloom right before my eyes each day. I have learned over the seasons that prolonging their bloom takes only a little bit of effort and care.


Bulbs, especially tulips, tend to droop. I like a curvy free-form tulip arrangement but I definitely feel cheated if my tulips really droop and don’t perk up by the next morning.

6 Ways to prevent or lessen the droop:

  • Chose a vase that is tall with an opening that force tulip stems upright or a vase with a flared opening to support curving stems.
  • Add a pack of flower food don’t have a pack? use sugar Sprite/7up or even vodka in the cool water. 1/4 tsp of Bleach keeps stems from clogging-up.
  • Re-trim bottoms of stems and keep water fresh.
  • Each night move the vase of flowers to a cool place, like the garage.
  • Tie the stems in a bundle using raffia, ribbon or string so they work as a team to stand tall.
  • Put aside broken and the droopiest stems to use in smaller vases.
  • Arrange droopy stems in ways where the curve is part of the arrangement.

Below photos show two arrangements I made that work with the stems…droopy tulip stems and short camellia stems. I simply put them in vases that allow the flowers to be the stars of the arrangement.



Jump on over to YellowBlissRoad.com, a fabulous fellow California blogger to print her gorgeous free Spring Printable, (shown below). While you are there, also checking out her easy recipes, Read her ABOUT story, it will warm your heart!

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