Weekend Wanderings 3.20


Grab a cuppa joe and enjoy some Pinspiration today…I have an idea for a new Project! I need to finish/improve the inside backing & sides of two kitchen cabinets in our little lake cottage. Both cabinets have reed glass doors so the contents, as well as the backboard, are visible when doors are closed; although the view is obscured through the glass. Recently when I added ironstone pitchers to the shelves, I realized how visible everything is. I had always intended on painting or refacing the inside backboard but never got around to doing it. Clearly, over the years that have gone by so quickly, I had become blind to how unfinished they look! Now I just have to decide on a color, and whether I will use paint or fabric to do the trick. My very first post, when I began blogging MML, was my Simple Pantry DIY. I used fabric to cover the backboard of the shelves and it was easy and gave me a chance to do a print for added interest. But I think for the kitchen I will do a solid using paint so it is not busy behind so many shapes and colors.


These two photos are the two cabinets; one cabinet is closed the other single door cabinet is open to show the visibility of the backboard/sides & top.


Gathered Cabinet Inspiration:

Color punch…

coral MS

Source: MarthaStewart.com

betterhomesandgardens.com blue

Source: betterhomesandgardens.com

Fabric adds a layer of pattern behind a simple white content in the second photo…

Source: LoAndBehold.com

Source: aLoAndBeholdLife.com

gray backgr


Source: MarthaStewart.com

Gray paint is so sophisticated…


Source: MyDomaine.com

Sophistication & Copper Crush…


Source: JerseyIceCreamCo.com

and then sometimes…just WHITE (on white, on white) looks fresh & clean

kylieminteriors.ca via Alison Harper

Source: kylieminteriors.ca via Alison Harper

After gathering zillions of Inspiration photos, I am leaning toward gray paint. Then I realize too, after painting the backboard I will need to do some shelf styling when I replace the cupboards’ contents. It’s interesting that all but two of the photos have shelves styled with only white dishware. Hummm…I can build on that idea!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

After note: prior to this post publishing, I found some gray paint in my closet : ) and, after testing it out,I have decided on gray as the color. It really does look great, and makes me wonder why it took so long…you know that feeling? I will share the final photos and hopefully some restyling tips soon.

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