Weekend Wanderings 4.3

Comedians in Cars

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Grab a BIG mug of coffee, I guarantee you will not be Wandering far this Weekend! Check out Jerry Seinfeld’s series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

If you love both a good laugh & classic cars this will be your cup of tea coffee. In fact, for me, it became as addicting as a second cup of coffee in the morning. I watched two episodes one night and before I knew it I was back the next morning to get another shot. After binge watching seasons 7 & 6, then 1 & 2, I have decided I HAVE to divvy seasons 3, 4 & 5 into tiny bits, maybe 2 episodes a day. I mean, enough with a good thing, right?

This whole experience reminds me of when I was working (a job) next to a friend (hey Phil!) who would occasionally toss a dark chocolate Hershey’s Kiss my way, plop…landing usually on my computer keyboard. Just ONE piece of luscious dark chocolate to be savored. I was amazed when she told me that she would buy a bag of Kisses and just eat ONE special piece per night, stretchhhhing it out…so contrary to my gobble-it-up-immediately & go-back-for-more nature. Now, every once in a while, I will buy a bag of dark chocolate just for me, and tuck it deep inside the refrigerator vegetable drawer (where Captain never goes) to take out ONE to enjoy while I watch a favorite tv show – testing my willpower & self-control. So today’s Weekend Wanderings is a delicious bag of nuggets for you to savor over time.  Plop!

* You may have to register for the free Crackle access to stream full episodes.


Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside, drop by next week, I will be sharing my Ikea find for Spring decor.

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