Weekend Wanderings 4.10


This is a little off my usual MML post subject path. But since Weekend Wanderings is about things I run across to share, I will share about a video series I plan to watch. The series, The Truth About Cancer – a Global Quest, that I am linking begins soon, so I preempted my scheduled post giving you an opportunity to watch it free.

I think I am not wrong in assuming that most of my MML readers in some way or another have been touched by Cancer, either themselves, a loved one, a friend, or work associate. I have followed 3 blogs where the blogger, aside from their usual postings, suddenly began sharing their own or spouse’s diagnoses of cancer and the ensuing battle.

We, too, have loved ones; a nephew, a sister and friends hit by the Big-C. People we know, all with different cancers, and a broad difference in age, but all sharing the same devastating change to their otherwise normal life routine. It is amazing how cancer comes and takes over a life and the life of those around the person. Nothing seems normal…for a very long period of time. In fact, it seems as though time stands still as the world on the outside keeps rushing on.

For this reason I am breaking my normal and posting today a link to a 9-part video series about what is happening globally to fight this insidious disease. The promotional wording is a little weird, in my opinion, as though there is a conspiracy to the Truth about cancer. We’ll see if that is in the video, humm.

I am sharing the link, not totally blindly – Wellness Mama (I have mentioned that I follow her blog and podcast) highly recommends it and she HAS viewed the series. I share it now so you can watch it for free, before it goes again out as DVD’s at cost.

It begins this Tues, April 12th, and to view it you must Register (on the linked page) to get video access. It is free.

HERE is the link to watch the Promo Video, and from there you can decide to Register for access .

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,

I will be back Wednesday with a more upbeat post about a new App I have downloaded. It’s a handy tool that makes choosing colors for room decor very simple & fun.

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