Weekend Wanderings 4.17

This weekend found me at our local Farmer’s Market. What a great way to spend a Spring morning. The smell of fresh roasted vanilla coffee beans brewing hit me immediately as my sister and I headed straight toward the Organic vendors. I had a particular mission on this trip – organic herbs. I wanted to buy some really fresh organic herbs to make Herb Pops (fresh herbs frozen in olive oil cubes) to use in quick dressings, soups and sauces.


Fill half full with chopped or torn herbs.


Fill almost to top with EVOO. Freeze. Pop out & store in marked zip locks. Store in freezer til ready to use.

The best way to make Herb Pops is to put them together while the herbs are really fresh. It is simple, all you need is:

  • Fresh herbs, wash & spin or pat dry
  • Ice trays (at least 2 trays), silicone type works great.
  • Olive oil (use good quality pure olive oil)
  • Zip locks, have marked & ready before you remove herb pops, so you can bag and return to freezer quickly.

Have you been watching The Truth About Cancer, a Global Quest? What do you think of it? I have enjoyed learning something new from each episode. A change I have made is to ONLY buy organic foods (episode 3, GMO’s). That is a big change for me since I was going by the Dirty Dozen List when shopping produce, but now I have decided our health is not worth the (small) savings. I say small because if I shop veges & fruit at the Farmer’s Market, prices are less than at the grocery store, and it is many time fresh picked that morning. The vendors have 2-fer’s and bonus free items many times. My sister got a big daikon radish thrown in for free.

After making Herb Pops I stored the rest of these beautiful herbs properly so they would have the longest shelf life…instead of trashing them as spoiled trash. Do you throw out a lot of vegetables & fruits each week like me? Soon, I will share storage methods I found through my research and show you some fun ways I’ve organized my refrigerator and freezer. Every time I open the refrigerator/freezer door the organization is practical, yet really pretty. Aahh…color & pretty : )

What are you doing to save money even though it is not the Healthiest choice?

Thank you for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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