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Hi Friends, here’s a quick post today, I have been busy between watching the TTAC video series (which I love) and working on a couple of projects for upcoming posts…never enough hours in a day. At Easter when I was splashing the color green around the inside of the house, I also added a little Spring green to the front porch by covering the bench cushion. Honestly, it took me maybe 30 minutes using new fabric and the old cushion batting I keep recycling season-to-season.


A Quick & Easy Cushion Cover sometimes is just the little touch that is needed to add pizzazz to a space. Sometimes it is easy to become blind to faded worn cushions on outdoor furniture and here where it gets so hot, outdoor fabrics take a real beating! With each new season, I pull out a remnant of fabric (from the closet) to give my cushions a freshening up. When I am shopping at the fabric store I always cruise through the clearance section looking out for good deals on end of bolt fabrics for projects.

Years ago I would purchase bench cushions only to have to replace them within a year or two. I decided that was an expensive waste, so I began to sew a new cover for the old cushion, instead of replacing. Then one day it hit me, probably because I do NOT like sewing machine projects…I could just wrap and pin the fabric over a soft cushioned filling – brilliant! At first I used a rectangle foam pad covered in batting, now I skip the foam and just use batting to make the pad. So fast, little to no-cost, and NO-Sewing involved.

I have perfected that lazy-girl technique. I buy a long piece of thick batting and cut it to the length of the bench. I use white craft glue between layers to keep the batting from shifting around as I fold it over multiple times, then use long pins down the backside (making sure pins face outward.) Below are the few steps I use to cover the batting with fabric. Any fabric works as long as it is enough to wrap around the batting with an overlap. In cool-weather months, I sometimes buy a cheap throw blanket or a yard & half of polar fleece fabric to use, because both need NO prep, just wrap and pin. I like easy! So there you go. Look around the house for some fabric or a throw blanket to make a quick & easy cushion cover to spruce up a chair or bench for Spring.


Cut batting to length, fold over to add thickness, pin.


Test length of fabric. Trim so there is enough to turn under raw edges 1/2″ and enough to overlap to pin backside.



Fold over raw edge and fuse using no-sew fusible tape.


Iron out wrinkles, lay fabric out, top with cushion, fold over the fabric so it overlaps to pin.


Place pins with the sharp point under the fabric seam so it doesn’t catch on furniture., but not pushing through the batting ; (



If fabric is too short to flow over the sides of seat, it can be folded and tucked under. No pins necessary.



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  1. Thanks Philicia. Are you watching the video series? I thought of you & your hubs when I was deciding whether or not to put it on my blog. Really good info.

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