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The devil’s in the details. If ONE thing has driven me nuts for many years, IT is the glaring white plug outlets’ against the tan glass backsplash tiles in my kitchen. I mean…all the time I spent choosing the perfect backsplash tile and the extra cost to afford “perfect.” Then I’ve spent a decade looking at 6 white plastic plug outlets – yikes! So, all these years later, I finally have a fix or maybe the white squares have finally driven me crazy enough to do something! I’m Painting the outlet covers. Not that hasn’t been done dozens of times throughout the house. Maybe it’s because it seemed harder to match glass tile or that I was afraid the paint would chip off the plastic covers. I could not find pre-made covers that matched well.  Recently while surfing Blogland, I saw outlet covers painted with grout lines too. That was IT – Simple and such a difference!





I painted one plate cover with horizontal grout lines to compare with plates without grout lines. Yes, it works!

Here’s how I did it finally

Supplies: Outlet & light plates – I used what was there, but this is a good time to replace old ones if in bad condition. Fine Sand Paper, to rough up the plastic covers shiny finish prior to painting. Paint that matches backsplash, take an extra tile with you when you buy paints for matching color, and if you can take a grout chip too.  – I used craft paint, two colors I blended. And for grout color I also mixed 2 colors. A Clear Sealer, in the sheen finish of the tiles. I used a super fast-drying acrylic spray. Masking tape, be sure to use one specifically for Delicate surfaces or fresh paint and clear coat will peel off. Paint Brushes – I used a sponge brush and smaller art brushes for plates and outlets/light switches, and a small, stiff round brush to stipple the faux grout.


Tip: Keep track of the paint mixture formulas for when more is needed. Paint all covers, plugs & switches, then go on to next steps of clear coat & grout paints. Keep some leftover of each paint to do touch-up at end.


After several coats of paint a clear coat gives sheen and water-proof.



Stipple (tap on) the grout line paint so it has texture of grout. I did a lighter gray then stippled on the unmixed darker gray to give depth.


Two covers done – 4 more to go!

As you can see the grout lines do add the final touch for blending the plates into the backsplash. The extra time it takes to add grout lines is well worth it.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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