Camouflage Backsplash Tile – Pt 2


It’s been busy week painting my kitchen backsplash tiles that I posted about last weekmid-project. When I posted, I thought I only had 5 more outlet covers to paint…then I turned around and saw two semi-hidden outlets on the wall behind me. Yikes! I had already cleaned-up the paints & brushes and was reaching for a glass of wine to enjoy while I admired my handiwork. Seeing I had more to do, not so relaxing. So the next morning there I was again, in the kitchen, moving stuff around to paint those LAST two plug outlet covers.



I chose not to paint the grout lines on the dimmer light switch cover since the center could not be painted. Painting grout lines on an “obvious” light switch would not trick the eye, however, painting the outside rim at least lessened the visual white.

As I camouflaged my outlet covers, I wondered what I would do if I had to contend with a patterned tile. Like wallpaper, there’s a lot of time & money put into a Look and you don’t want the outlets stick-out. Solution: I would do the same as with wall paper…cover the outlet with the pattern. I know painting would take a lot of time & artistry skill, not problem, make an inkjet COPY of the tiles onto quality paper at 100%, then decoupage it onto the outlet cover. The decoupage sheen can be matched to the tile sheen. Now if you think this is all a bit over-the-top-wacky, here are some photos of backsplashes that could use that technique to create a flawless look. If you need the grout included in the printed copies, there is are some simple solutions for that too, the easiest would be put together a sample using extra tiles & grout. That can be used later as a trivet. Or if the store has a mock-up sample with the same grout borrow that and make your copies. Lastly, the outlet cover could be painted a base color matching the grout color and then piece together the tile pattern when decoupaged.

But first…

Tile Inspiration…I love the new vintage tile that is trending both in the kitchen and bathroom, Swoon : ) Now that our big-box stores HERE carry tiles in this style, it is totally affordable.



I am really feeling the love for today’s high-contrast Moroccan tiles…and the Vintage muted European tiles – I know, two totally different looks, but both so gorgeous.


I certainly would not want to mess up the tile above with an outlet cover!



(above) Black outlet covers ARE better than white, but camouflage them in the same pattern and they disappear. This is such a beautiful Black & White kitchen remodel, check it out at

Don’t let the electrical outlets steal the show from your focal point…


(above) hand-painted tile art would be more prominent if covers were camouflaged.

So there you go, a SIMPLE fix with a BIG IMPACT… for a problem, you didn’t think you had : )

OR you can just put stuff in front of the outlet to hide it…just remember it is there before you cleanup from fixing the other side of the room.


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