Weekend Wanderings 5.15

Source background image: blog.datedosti.com

Source background image: blog.datedosti.com

I’m sure you have some less than flattering photos of yourself or of friends stashed away in a drawer or on your cell phone ready to delete. I find that my most unflattering pose seems to be when I am shot straight on. You know that pose…The NECK! all of them. Seriously, in real-life is it THAT bad? Well, I have found a way that, with some practice, will create a more flattering photo image. Just a little lean forward and a tilt & stretch, will pull the wrinkles out (YES!) and give a nice jaw line – oh, I’m saying to practice in front of a mirror, so you can nail the look and still seem to be relaxed.

Notice the photo above, wow, what a flattering shot. Helps to be a beautiful blonde, right? But even if you don’t have all that model-looks thing going on, you can still improve on what you have, I don’t believe I said that, because, as you will see in the video, It’s all about the Jaw!

The site, LifeHacker.com, covers a lot of subjects, not just photography, check it out – but first…while there, I wandered upon this video that explains the jaw trick and because it is in video format, I was able to understand how to do it. Watch it and you, too, will learn how to improve your next photo or selfie! For more great photo tips & workshops go to PeterHurley.com …this guy is great.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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