Weekend Wanderings 5.22


Here is something I learned recently. How to cook a better egg! Proving, “Old dogs can learn new tricks…”

First let me say my (previous) favorite way to eat an egg is poached. Poached eggs, when done right, are pretty much divine. But they do take some care and watching over to cook to perfection. My new favorite way is fast and hard to mess up. I saw this technique (Trick) on the Rachael Ray Show recently, I have not made a poached egg since. For lack of a clever name, let’s call it the Steamed Egg technique. Basically it is a fried egg that is cooked in oil (coconut or avocado), I use a non-stick pan, as well…Here’s the difference – when the egg white begins to turn opaque, add 1 Tbsp of water to the pan, then immediately cover with a lid, reducing the heat a bit to steam. Tip: put the measured water into the upside down lid, so it is ready to pour in and cover at the same time…cooking goes fast. I steam my egg 2 minutes, until the yoke gets a little white on top. To get a firmer yoke steam 3 min til the yoke is more white on top. It is easy to tell the yolk firmness by lifting lid every 1 minute. Don’t Flip the egg! When the yolk is how you like it, remove the egg to a plate. I love my eggs served over arugula or spinach, with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and a flavor infused oil. Tarragon or white truffle are both incredible flavors with egg. Steaming the egg creates a creamy yolk, not so runny or dry as in frying. It is more like a poached egg but you can control the firmness and the white is better tasting. Try it, you’ll love it!



(above) I was trying to take the picture before putting the lid on so the white cooked fast and the water evaporated faster than normal, creating a crusty edge to the white. Also in the next photo, the yoke did not whiten as much as normal due to less water. Oh, well…I need a third arm.



Use some imagination here, okay? Your steamed egg will look gorgeous, just don’t try to photograph & cook at the same time : )

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

See you later this week for my simple Industrial Light Reveal – I can’t wait to share that with you!

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