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Hello again Friends! If you missed last week’s Inspiration post, click HERE. Today is the Reveal…Whoohoo – of my Industrial Light Bracket DIY. The hardest part of this DIY was deciding on the design so I could buy the parts, and then it took “time” to remove all those sticky part-number labels. The label adhesive left dark marks on the copper fittings, so I had to use Brasso to brighten those areas. Aside from that, the DIY is just connecting all the parts and hanging it. Simple! I thought I would need heavy-duty glue to attach the non-screw parts, but surprisingly, I used black electrical tape to snug up the only two pieces where that was the case (one end of the 8″ pipe to the copper elbow drop ear piece – shown below.) That did the trick. The rest of the fittings simply screwed or pushed solidly together. I did use a hack saw and vise to cut 1/4-inch from the other end of that same copper elbow so it would attach to the 45 degree galvanized elbow. Originally, to cut it, I had purchased a hand-held tubing cutter, which proved to be too difficult, who designs these tools? so instead, I clamped the copper piece into a vise and used a hack saw to cut it. Not hard. BTW, the reason I chose that copper elbow drop ear, is to, LATER, hide part of the electrical cord by re-routing it through the pipe and out the drop ear opening to the wall. Once I permanently hang the fixture I will post a photo. My bigger plan is to plank a wall in the living room where this industrial light will go. Let’s just say, Captain is still not feelin’ the whole planking design yet, so…


The copper cap was an option I did not use.




The rubber ring is to keep cord from slipping down pipe, It won’t show when cord is wrapped in final mounting.



Imagine here, not seeing the cord running down the outside of pipe.

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