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Do you struggle to leave the house on-time in the morning? It has taken me decades to figure out a few little tricks to help me Get-Out-that dang-Door. Before I retired from my job, I would get up extra early and still ended up running around at the last-minute. I have said MANY times over the years, “It isn’t having to GO, it’s the effort to Get-Out-the-Door.” There is always something working against my best intentions that slows me down… something lost, or wrinkled, or a really bad hair day. For women it seems more complicated to Get-Out-the-Door; morning beauty (?) routines AND then there’s the children to get up, moving & out, at the same time!  We had plenty of yelling tears until Captain, whose work hours were more flexible, threw me a life-preserver by totally taking over the responsibility to see the kids happily off to school. That was then, way back, but I still use my 3 top tips to get up & get going, as well as OUT the door. If I didn’t, I would still be schlopping around in my robe most of the morning, probably blogging.

Three Ways to Get-Out-the-Door, FAST…

1 – Store Gab & Go stuff near your door. Have a basket or storage area near the door that can store those items needed on a daily or weekly basis. My Grab & Go stuff is stashed in a pretty wicker beach bag near the front door (see above). Over the years my G&G stuff has changed drastically, as has the actual storage container. Today, I stash my golf hats, winter gloves & walking gear, a rarely used umbrella, and a fanny pack, inside the beach basket.


Inside my wicker beach bag are my Grab & Go items where it is also convenient to return them to, after use. The “secret” storage  bag looks like a pretty decor accent.

Our storage bench works great for the two of us, BUT, for fun, I’ve gathered some more family-friendly storage photos to Inspire you.

mud room storage

Studio-Mcgee Midway House A converted coat closet with the door removed?

basement wood wall

Okay, I am OBSESSED – here are a few more…

pottery barn

Source: Pottery Barn I love the black and white.


Source: Planked wall in a Lake House…see that wall, Captain?

det Dia

Source: det Dia. Have a tiny space? Only a wall is needed!

2 – Store makeup supplies in a movable open container next to where you use it. Affordable plastic containers from the Dollar store will help cut primping time. Your container should hold only the makeup you use every day, keeping it light so you can easily MOVE it back & forth between using the contents and a drawer/cabinet. The goal is to use it and hide it – CLEAN COUNTERS!


3 – Eat the same breakfast each morning. This takes any thought out of the breakfast process and everyone gets a healthy meal to start the day off right. By “SAME” I mean 1-2 choices, but each should take less than 3 minutes to make, use minimal dishware, and be something you have made enough times you could do blindfolded (or kids can make/reheat). We reserve the bacon, pancakes and more complicated breakfasts for weekends or mornings when there is more time to cook, eat & clean up. Bonus: NO sink full of dirty dishes to come home to.


Source: Visit for easy recipes

With small children it will take some prep (in the evening) to get healthy (click)  REAL food to the stage where it is AS FAST as throwing a box of sugary cereal onto the table, but it is worth it!

Please share in the Comments…

What gets YOU out-the-door faster?

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  1. Amy, I remember how hard that was when I was working, I was sweaty by the time I got to work! I wish I had blogger moms (like the ones I’ve linked) to give me ideas on handling the whole food (& patience) thing. Let us know any good finds that work for you!

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