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We have a piece of furniture that is used outdoors as a serving table for parties & casual bbq’s. For years it’s been moved back & forth between the bbq patio and the more sheltered side patio. It has been painted several shades of green over the years, but other than that, it looks the same as when it was given to us. Soooo, I think it is time to give it a makeover! And I am pretty sure Captain will jump in, with his tools, after he gets a vision of its transformation, because without some inspiration I can already hear him saying, “Why? It is FINE the way it is.”


Left photo: Backside of serving table has plenty of support to attach a shelf backing. Right photo: Table has a simple front drop leaf.

I’ve gathered online photos of potting benches to help Captain get on board. I have Three things I want to accomplish with this makeover design.

  1. Function – A backing shelf will be functional when used as a serving buffet at parties for glasses. And it can be used as a potting bench for maintaining the bonsai. An additional bottom shelf will provide more storage.
  2. Decor – The potting bench will bring a garden ambiance to an area where flowers are lacking.
  3. Form – The new back will bring height to the table, which will help balance the patio space. All the furniture is now at waist level.

I’ve gathered online photos of potting benches to help Captain “get on board.”

Gathered Inspiration:

This first few Inspiration photos are closest to what I am looking to create. They look easy to make, right?


Source: Terapeak.com


Source: BH&G

Used as a serving table…


Source: the Creativity Exchange

this old house

Source: This Old House

faded charm

Source: Faded Charm

Source: Lowe's Creative Ideas

Source: Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Source: Penick.net

Source: Penick.net

Oh, this reminds me…I bought a sprinkler knob a few years ago when I started dreaming of a potting bench. I need to dig that out!

Source: CentsationalGirl.com

Source: CentsationalGirl.com

And this one is for my friend who owns a similar vintage sink. This photo is from HomeTalk, an article by Lori J, who moved into (and renovated) a 100-year-old home, then using the discarded old door, sink and scrap wood, she created this charming, functional potting bench.

hometalk Lori J 100 yr house door sink

Source: HomeTalk


Source: Pinterest

Time to get to work repurposing my table into a potting bench. I will share it soon!

What furniture have you rePurposed?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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  1. Loved, loved the “Faded Charm” potting/serving table. Such a fun post for me. Thanks and I will stay tuned!

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