Weekend Wanderings 7.10


Hey guys, just a quickie today, to remind you that if you haven’t listened to the new season podcast of Invisibilia, it is up and has been since June 17th. It is so GOOOOD! I loved last season too!

Newbie to Podcast listening? It is a SIMPLE thing to connect to, is free, and podcasts will rock your world. Invisibilia is my very favorite, but there are thousands of podcasts on any subject out in Podland to listen to. You can subscribe (for free) so new episodes will be sent to your podcast list automatically.

Click on the Invisibilia red graphic below for the link. You can listen on your computer or cell phone, and by using an App. I bet a few of you will be Googling the Test mentioned in the Frame of Reference Invisibilia episode.


Wow, MML (this blog) just had its ONE & a HALF-year birthday – I can’t believe it!  I am so excited to have seen a recent surge in my stat’s reader activity!!! If you are a drop-by reader, I encourage you to Subscribe to MML using the Subscribe box on this page, Subscribing is free, (just another word for Following) Subscribers, receive all NEW posts via email…you won’t miss a single post. I post regularly on Wednesday mornings and post a quick Sunday Weekend Wanderings each week. I appreciate ALL my readers, your sharing has taken this little blog all over the world as it has grown in leaps-and-bounds! I actually have learned of countries I did not even know existed from watching my reader stats (indicated by their national flags). That is pretty incredible, I thought I was smarter than that, LOL.

If you can even pick a favorite from so many great choices…

What is your FAVORITE Podcast?


Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! Have a fun weekend!

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