Weekend Wanderings 7.31


Happy Weekend Friends! As a WordPress blogger I have the privilege to have quick access to tons of other WordPress blogs each day, fresh off the Press…and I Follow many.

One blog I can’t wait to read each week is HemmingPlay.com. The creator, Doug Stanfield is a gifted writer.

Click this link or on the photo below to read HemmingPlay.com  The One You Feed post..


Good fable, right? As I read that post I could not help but remember the past two weeks, watching the Republican then the Democratic (Presidential) National Conventions, (I’m not trying to do a “political” post–this is just what I thought of). I’m pretty sure your mind went there too, if American Democrat. I thought not only of one particular DNC slogan, Love Trumps Hate, but also the stark contrast in tenor between the two conventions, Fear vs Hope. To me, the RNC was a hate-fest, while the DNC came across, the likes of, a 1960’s love-fest, complete with 60’s music. Both were entertaining, I must admit. Oh, what an awesome moment in American history, right WOMEN?

Well, now that the Right has tuned-out of today’s post –

Doug Stanfield is an incredible poet, No Visible Means of Support is one of my favorite, of his posts. It, too, brings up so many non-political thoughts : )

HemmingPlay.com content is written by Doug Stanfield and published with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerives license. Links to the site, and writer and license rules have been included.  Please go HERE for details to download or share HemmingPlay.com copywritten contents.


Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings 7.31

  1. No, thank you, your writing is so beautiful and opens so much thought. By the way, your “fireflies” brought back so many fun memories from 58 years back. My family took a trip in a VW bug from California to the ozarks to visit relatives. That was my first encounter with fireflies- catching them in jelly jars. I was shocked to see them in the light- they were really flies. Not sure what I thought I was catching : )

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