Ancient Olympics – the Bare Details


Have you been watching the Rio 2016 Olympics? Wow, some exciting moments, nose-to-nose wins and surprise defeats!

A few years ago we visited Olympia, Greece, the ancient birthplace of the Olympics. The drive from Patras to Olympia was interesting and beautiful, its agricultural terrain reminded me of California.


We saw acres of grape vineyards, olive and citrus orchards surrounded by hills and mountains. It was grand. The Greek southwestern coastline is gorgeous, the water of the Ionian Sea is shades of blue, purple & aqua and it is crystal clear.


Photo Credit: Eusebius (Guillaume Piolle). The amazing Rio-Antirio Bridge, near Patras crosses over the Gulf of Corinth, connecting the Peloponnese peninsula to mainland Greece.

In Olympia we stood on the actual grounds where the ancient Olympic games took place…it was powerful, especially as we listened to a docent tell us about the original games. It was not a competition between countries, instead, all the competitors were Greek. All male, no female competitors, and no metals were given to the winners.

Wondering what prize the winner was given?To answer that and learn more about the ancient games, and have a little fun, I have, for you, a YouTube BuzzFeed video of The Try Guys. Hilarious! It dishes out a lot of Olympic history as the Guys TRY to compete in true naked fashion of the ancient games. That’s right, NO fancy uniforms, just well-oiled skin…that would be, Tonga’s Taukatofua sans ta’ovala – Enjoy…

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